I love da core

01.Jason S - Intro: He's back again 02.D-Passion - Painting outside 03.N-Vitral - Telladge 04.Peaky Pounder - Testaa 05.D-Passion - Kind of rude 06.Void Settler - Gnomes tinker with time 07.N-Vitral - Fregat 08.Endymion - Contact 09.Rude Awakening - Credit is due 10.Scott Brown feat. Neophyte - Blast your ass 11.Korsakoff - Still wasted 12.Dr.Z-Vago… Continue reading


01.Jason S - Intro: The box, you opened it, we came 02.Razor Edge - Deoxyribonucleic acid 03.Rude Awakening - False sense of security 04.Peaky Pounder - Viimeinen 05.Jason S - Exorcism 06.Peaky Pounder - Iskea on puu 07.Life:::Runs:::Red - Veleno 08.N-Vitral - My gopyrn 09.Catkiller - Silicone TIT 10.D-Xtreme Vs Nocternal - Anti-social 11.Parian -… Continue reading

DJ Fer-D Vs Jason S – Unleashed hell

01.Jason S - Intro: Place your bets 02.De-viation Crew - De-state (afterdark mix) 03.DJ Rope & Marco Bailey - Be free (wavesong mix) 04.4Voice - Move 05.Sperminator - No woman allowed (men's room mix) 06.Frankie Bones - We can do this (Brooklyn/Stormrave mix) 07.Tribal Force - Huga chaka 08.General Noise - Rotterdam subway (Maurice Steenbergen… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2005

DISC 1 01.Jason S - Intro: The shit is on! 02.The Wishmaster Vs Life Runs Red - Tales from the white widow 03.E-Noid - DNA theory 04.D-Passion - Wake up and become 05.D-Passion - Blacklist amok 06.Void Settler - Gnomes tinker with time (Hellfish RMX) 07.SlaveFriese - Ecstasy me 08.Catscan - The daylight burn 09.Korsakoff… Continue reading

Going back to the nineties – Part 3

01.Jason S - Intro: Going back to the nineties part 3 02.D-Shake - Techno trance (Omar Santana RMX) 03.The Wildchild Experience - Bring it down 04.Human Resource - Dominator (Frank De Wulf RMX) 05.Jam & Spoon - My first fantastic f.f. 06.Egma - Let the bass kick (extended mix) 07.Overnite - The time has come… Continue reading