Get the fuck outta my house…bitch!

01.Jason S - Intro: Get the fuck out! 02.The Masochist - Our house 03.Da Tekno Warriors - The beat kicks 04.G-Town Madness - Locked down 05.DJ Promo - The bad guy 06.Chozen Few - Doomzday 07.The Viper Vs Mad-E-Fact - Control the party 08.The Masochist Vs Buzz Fuzz - Headclapper 09.The Masochist - Wanna fuck… Continue reading

Neophyte megamix

01.Jason S - Intro 02.Neophyte & The Masochist - I'm the man 03.Neophyte & The Masochist - The tunnel 04.Neophyte - Anybody ut there 05.Neophyte & DJ Paul - 98 to piano 06.Neophyte - Gimme a beat 07.Neophyte & The Stunned Guys - Revolution 909 08.Neophyte - Do you want XTC 09.Neophyte - Neophyte hardcore… Continue reading

Let me in your fucking house

01.Jason S - Intro: Let me in your fucking house! 02.Dione - In the air 03.6-Pack - Drunken piece of shit (Jason S RMX) 04.DJ Bike - Pass me 05.Buzz Fuzz Vs Bass-D & King Matthew - It's allright (The Masochist RMX) 06.System 3 - Like a shot 07.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs The Headbanger -… Continue reading

Floating around in XTC

01.Jason S - Intro 02.Masters of Ceremony - Hardcore will survive 03.DJ Isaac - Face down, ass up 04.DJ Isaac - Hardcore 2000 05.DJ Paul Vs DJ Panic - I hate you so much 06.DJ Dione - Nuclear device 07.Da Tekno Warriors - He is my DJ 08.The Masochist Vs Bass-D & King Matthew -… Continue reading