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Hardcore Yearmix

Jason’s most well known project is The Hardcore Yearmix which has become an annual tradion. The Hardcore Yearmix concept was started by Jason S in january 2001 when he created his first yearmix for the year 2000. Since then every year has seen it’s yearmix (with the exception of 2007) containing the best hardcore tracks of that preceding year which usually results in a track listing of 100 tracks or more.

Over the years there has been some discussion as to what makes a track qualify for a yearmix. Jason’s definition of a yearmix is a mix containing tracks that were popular and played often during that preceding year. So not necessarily tracks that were released during that year.

Over the years Jason’s yearmixes have become quite popular and something being looked forward to come january. Some of the yearmixes were broadcast on radio shows or commercially released on CD.

Click the button below to visit the Hardcore Yearmix archives where you will find tracklistings of all the Yearmixes and ofcourse you can listen to each and every one of them too!

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