Going back to the nineties – Part 2

01.Jason S - Intro: Going back to the nineties part 2 02.Technohead - The passion (Kiddie mix) 03.Hyperact - House aggression 04.El Bruto - Hypnotizing 05.DJ Mongoose - Rip shit up (DJ Isaac RMX) 06.Chosen Few - Tranceparant 07.Undercover Anarchist - Work it to the bone 08.Frantic Explosion - Boom bang!! 09.Square Dimensione - A… Continue reading

SlaveFriese megamix

01.Quiet Intro 02.Lost in the Vietkong jungle 03.On a trip 04.As loud as possible 05.Ecstasy me 06.Plutonium crackers 07.Proper cooperative groove 08.Utopia 09.Move your body 10.Greed is good 11.When the music suck 12.Hardcore you know the scxxx 13.Base hammer This mix was commercially released as Disc 3 of SlaveFriese 3CD album 'Base Hammer' on DNA… Continue reading

Going back to the nineties – Part 1

01.Jason S - Intro: Going Back to the nineties part 1 02.Euromasters - Everybody clap your hands 03.The Reanimator - Bigger and bolder 04.Ni-Cad - Brainwasher 05.Bass X - Hardcore disco part 3 06.Spastic Egg - Stick up 07.DJ Gizmo & Delirium - Do you wanna dance 08.Rave Nation - Going crazy (Bodylotion mix) 09.Hardliners… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2004

DISC 1 01.Jason S - Intro: A darkness of our own making 02.Void Settler - Gnomes tinker with time 03.Slavefriese - Lost in the Vietkong jungle 04.D-Passion - Painting outside 05.Slavefriese - As loud as possible 06.Enzyme X - Nightbreed 07.Razor Edge - Chewing on the razor 08.Mindustries - Struck a nerve 09.Ferox - Save… Continue reading