DJSample7 Vs Jason S – Hardcore trip 2 paradise

01.DJSample7 Vs Jason S – Intro: A match made in hell
02.The Stunned Guys – The drummer and the dancer
03.Barracuda – Overdose
04.Alex Bunkerfreak – Alex the menace
05.Impulse Factory Vs Ferron – This street is iced
06.Deevoid & Alex Bunkerfreak – Clockworx
07.V.H.R. – Get the fuck up
08.scott Brown – How else can i say it
09.The Headbanger – Serious damage
10.T-Junction & Osiris feat. MC Syco – What’s up with life (MOC RMX)
11.Noize Suppressor feat. Mc Syco – Party motherfuckerz
12.DJ Outblast Vs DJ D – Electro shocking
13.Weapon X – Hate me!
14.Scott Brown – Old to da new
15.Omar Santana, Mike Hemp & Dope-E – Take’ em out
16.Omar Santana Vs Quaternion – Mad skillz (DJ Sabotage mix)
17.Endymion – Pussy motherfuckers
18.DJ Bonjo – We won’t stop
19.DJ Sabotage Vs H.M.V. – Enforcers
20.T-Factor – The hardest
21.DJ Sabotage Vs H.M.V. – Devestation
22.Core Pusher – Fire burnin’
23.Interstate – Born to control
24.Plus System – Rock that body
25.Evil Activities – Do you like bass (Tha Playah RMX)
26.DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse – EXLXAXL (Neophyte Vs Evil Activities RMX)
27.Evil Activities & Neophyte – To you who doubt me (Tommyknocker RMX)
28.Q-Tex – Fuck your style
29.Plus System – Neck breaker (Scott Brown’s Nustyle RMX)
30.Jason S – Outro: Tripods, attack!

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