Hardcore Yearmix 2021

001.Jason S - Intro: Jacked up for the best Hardcore tracks of 2021002.Ophidian - Subwoofer003.T-Junction & Cemon Victa - Tell me what you see004.Sequence & Ominous - Full service005.Alex B - The Newschool testcase006.AniMe - No matter007.Bodyshock - Redemption008.Angerfist & Tha Playah - Prophecy009.Tha Playah - Stand up010.Angerfist & Miss K8 - Break of dawn011.Re-Style… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2017

001.Jason S feat. MC Knook - Intro: The studio is on fire 002.Korsakoff - Tempest 003.DJ Paul Elstak - Helium 004.Ignite - Fuckers 005.Restrained - How i roll 006.Tha Playah & E-Force - Distorted noises 007.Sub Sonik - Go fuck yourself (Tha Playah RMX) 008.Catscan - LA 009.NeoX - Headshot 010.Meltdown feat. Tha Watcher -… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2016

001.Jason S feat. MC Bryan C - Intro: I just...cut things out 002.Miss K8 - Icebreaker 003.Alien T - I hate children 004.The Stunned Guys - SHE (Tha Playah feat. MC Jeff RMX) 005.Project Omeaga - Prednison attack (N-Vitral RMX) 006.Dyprax - The future (Tha Playah RMX) 007.Restrained - Gangsters 008.Synthax - Stay true 009.Thorax… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2015

001.Jason S - Intro: Where are we, when are we? 002.Alien T - The hammer of the Devil 003.The Wishmaster - Never say never 004.Advanced Dealer - NSTFR 005.Alien T - Existence verified #TiH 006.Tha Playah, Neophyte & The Viper - Rebel dizz #TiH 007.Art of Fighters - Words of war 008.Furyan - Bombshell 009.Pandorum… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2014

001.Jason S - Intro: A powerful new source is about to hit 002.E-Noid - Living in darkness 003.DJ Promo - B-side shit 004.Tha Playah - Der craft #TiH 005.DJ Mad Dog - Illegal 006.Neophyte feat. Alee - No fucking game #TiH 007.Neophyte & Zany feat. Alee & Diesel - Gas erop! 008.Art Of Fighters -… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2013

001.Jason S feat. MC Syco - Intro: You know what happens when you mix 002.Art of Fighters - Fuck you! 003.Endymion & The Viper feat. FERAL is KINKY - Raging in the dancehall 004.Day-mar - Embrace the night (Outblast RMX) 005.Nosferatu - Dr. Shitkickaz 006.Meccano Twins & Art of Fighters - Electrogod 007.Frontliner - Weekend… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2012

01.Jason S - Intro: Twelve months, one long year...this has been building 02.Dr Strange feat. Satronica - The land runs red (The Outside Agency RMX) 03.The Outside Agency - Godspeed 04.Fracture 4 - I never want to see your face again 05.Stormtrooper - A part of you remains 06.Sei2ure - Proton 07.Amnesys - The purest… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2011

001.Jason S - Intro: Exterior security has been breached 002.DJ Promo - Rhythm flow 003.D-Passion - Different frequencies 004.Tymon - Gucci (I:gor RMX) 005.Angel - Can you see me 006.Neophyte - Mainiak 007.Tymon & Ophidian - The one 008.Negative A - Blood on my hands 009.Omi - Mythology 010.Unexist - Don't exist 011.Counterfeit - Worship… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2010

001.Jason S - Intro: Hold on for a maximally entertaining thrill ride 002.DJ Promo - Nightfall 003.Tymon - Ambush 004.Meccano Twins - Gamma release 005.Stormtrooper & Tymon & Waldhaus - Deadly kicks 006.Life:::Runs:::Red - Only our enemies leave roses 007.Tymon - Pain tripper 008.Sequence & Ominous - Evolution 009.Mindustries - Throes of rejection (Endymion &… Continue reading