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About Jason S

For creating megamixes my main tool is Acid Music Studio in conjuction with Adobe Audition. The mixing and edits are done in Acid while Audition is used for adding effects or EQ-ing small parts. For creating tracks, mashups or remixes i mainly use Cubase. And for spinning tunes at a live event i like to use Pioneer equipment.

I get my inspiration mostly from listening to remixes and megamixes by Ben Liebrand and Peter Slaghuis back during the eigties and early nineties of the previous century. These are the mix masters i grew up listening to and still have have enormous respect and admiration for.

When it comes to Hardcore producers i have a lot of respect and admiration for Mad Dog and Tha Playah. They have a really high production level.

Due to personal reasons during that time combined with the extensive work it takes to create a yearmix i was not in the right mindset to create a yearmix so i decided to skip that year.

If you would like to book me for your event or live stream use the Contact page to send me your request.

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Please drop me a line using the Contact page and i will try to answer it asap.

About the website

All my past megamixes are available on demand on You can also find a Mixcloud player below every tracklisting on this website. Some of the more recent megamixes will often also have download links.

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Please drop me a line using the Contact page and i will try to answer it asap.