Hardcore Yearmix 2006 (the 80 minutes cut)

001.Jason S - Intro: We're all going to hell 002.D-Passion - Twist your brain 003.SlaveFriese - On a trip 004.Negative A - 5th demension 005.Darkcontroller - Insurruction 006.Razor Edge - Unsolved mystery 007.Darkcontroller - Asstortion 008.Peaky Pounder - Hevonen 009.Rude Awakening - Wake up to a different world 010.Peaky Pounder - Hurmata 011.Rude Awakening -… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2005 (the 75 minutes cut)

001.Jason S - Intro: The shit is on! 002.The Wishmaster Vs Life Runs Red - Tales from the white widow 003.E-Noid - DNA theory 004.D-Passion - Wake up and become 005.D-Passion - Blacklist amok 006.Void Settler - Gnomes tinker with time (Hellfish RMX) 007.SlaveFriese - Ecstasy me 008.Catscan - The daylight burn 009.Korsakoff - Powerrave… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2004 (the 73 minutes cut)

01.Jason S - Intro: A darkness of our own making 02.Void Settler - Gnomes tinker with time 03.Slavefriese - Lost in the Vietkong jungle 04.D-Passion - Painting outside 05.The DJ Producer - XTC-2002 06.Slavefriese - As loud as possible 07.Enzyme X - Nightbreed 08.Razor Edge - Chewing on the razor 09.Mindustries - Struck a nerve… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2003 (the original cut)

001.Jason S - Intro: Loading the Yearmix 2003 002.Tha Playah - Tha mastah of shock 003.The DJ Producer - Journey of force (vocal mix) 004.Peaky Pounder - Fasttalking 005.Void Settler - Proceed manually 006.Ophidian - Nurse 007.B-747 - I wanna have fun 008.Slavefriese - Dorm of the future 009.DJ Kristof Vs Bad Boy - U.F.B.… Continue reading

1995 in full effect

01.Jason S - Intro: 1995 news bytes 02.Wasting Program - Bring that shit back 03.DJ Buzz Fuzz - Ill behaviour 04.Stingray & Sonicdriver - As cold as ice 05.Too Fast for Mellow - M.F. bass in your face 06.DJ Paul Elstak - Life is like a dance (Forze DJ Team RMX) 07.DJ Weirdo & DJ… Continue reading

Bonzai The Classics Megamix

01.Jason S - Intro: It's time to go back 02.Mental Planet - Anhinilating rhythm (DJ Fly mix) 03.DJ Bountyhunter - Bountyhunter 04.Cherry Moon Trax - Conflictation 05.Yves Deruyter - Calling Earth 06.DJ Looney Tune - Beatbox (tick mix) 07.DJ Bountyhunter - Urban feelings 08.Aqua Contact - La sirena 09.Repulsive 2 - Recactussed 10.Yves Deruyter -… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2000 (the re-edited cut)

01.Jason S - Intro: That's the very first, righ? 02.Buzz Fuzz Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – It’s allright (The Masochist RMX) 03.DJ Promo – King of pain 04.DJ Bike – Pass me 05.DJ Self – Back with the hardcore (DJ Isaac RMX) 06.Da Tekno Warriors – The beat kicks 07.French Connection Vs DJ Distortion… Continue reading

1994 In full effect

01.Jason S - Intro: 1994 news bytes 02.Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo - Deal wit' beats 03.Dyewitness - Brrrr 04.Bass Reaction - Technophobia 05.Bass X - Hardcore disco part II 06.Human Resource - Fuck them (Thunderdome mix) 07.The Scotchman - Asylum 08.Kinetic Pleasure - Get the feeling (DJ pleasure mix) 09.Davie Forbes - Techno renegade… Continue reading

Holland is Hardcore 5

01.Jason S - Intro: Leren miksen les 5 02.Tomcat & Rudeboy feat. Angerfist - Alles kut enter 03.Tieum & Partyraiser - Eet dit 04.DJ Promo & Catscan - Kik of kak 05.Rotterdam Terror Corps feat. MC Raw - In de fik 06.Kasparov, Tha Playah & Zwaargewicht - Sloopkogel 07.D-Fence - Pompen met die impact 08.Kasparov,… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2018

01.Jason S - Intro: I thought you were the demolition expert 02.Radical Redemption, Angerfist & MC Nolz - Nocturnolz 03.Blaster - W.T.F. 04.System Shock - Sweet dreams 05.DJ Mad Dog & Tha Playah - Embrace the fire 06.AniMe - In the end 07.Re-Style & Broken Minds & MC Alee - Basshead 08.Angerfist feat. Tha Watcher… Continue reading