Fer-D Vs Jason S – Unleash hell 2

01.Jason S Vs Fer-D - Intro: Unleash hell...again! 02.Zanthrax - My project 03.Armageddon Project - Spawn of misanthropy 04.Unknown - 95 % against me 05.Lord Hostile - Shadowbuilder 06.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs The Headbanger - Takin' you on a trip 07.The Headbanger - The ninth gate 08.DJ Rob Vs Da Future - What do we… Continue reading

Pounding your brain again

01.Wapper & The Ladykiller - Stay, or die (intro) 02.Base Alert - Ojeeoink 03.DJ Promo & The Wishmaster - Brotha alliance 04.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs The Headbanger - Psycho game 05.Armageddon Project - Church of pentagram 06.Digital Boy - Dirty motherfuckerz 07.Base Alert - Down with the game 08.DJ Promo - Appetite for hardness 09.Korsakoff… Continue reading

The Darkside of the core

01.Skess - Intro: What we're working for 02.Catscan - Rotten 03.Temper Tantrum Vs Unexist - Omnibeam 04.Bass-D & King Matthew - True legends 05.DJ Promo - My underground madness 06.T-Wisted - Obsession 07.Rexanthony - Ecstasypills 08.DJ Promo & Catscan - Virgin territory 09.Neophyte - Ballz in yer mouth 10.Scott Brown - Bass be louder 11.Hard… Continue reading

DJ Promo megamix

01.Jason S - Intro: DJ Promo megamix from The Darkside 02.DJ Promo - Back in time 03.DJ Promo - Metal warfare 04.DJ Promo - What the fuck? 05.DJ Promo & DJ X-Ess - Vicious circle 06.DJ Promo - Counter attack 07.DJ Promo & Trickstyle - What u want 08.DJ Promo - Patterns in chaos 09.DJ… Continue reading

Fer-D Vs Jason S – Unleash hell

01.Jason S Vs Fer-D - Intro 02.The Dark Twins - Get this slow jam 03.Art of Fighters - Too strange 04.DJ Promo - Life from the other side 05.The Masochist & Chosen Few - More drugz 06.Crime Lab - 4 the hardcore (ice mix) 07.E-man - Under my command 08.Meagashira - End of line 09.Skezz… Continue reading

The Darkside chainsaw massacre

01.Jason S - Intro: The Darkside chainsaw massacre 02.Dr.Macabre - Ghoststories 2 03.DJ Niel & Kristoff - Streetknowledge 04.Art of Fighters - Release 05.Da Boy Tommy - Halloween (Jason S Hardcore RMX) 06.DJ Promo - I come correct 07.Bulldozer Project - Arise 08.Wapper & The Ladykiller - Hardcore knowledge 09.The Alienator - Prey (original mix)… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2000

01. Dr.Skess - Intro 02.Buzz Fuzz Vs Bass-D & King Matthew - It's allright (The Masochist RMX) 03.DJ Promo - King of pain 04.DJ Bike - Pass me 05.DJ Self - Back with the hardcore (DJ Isaac RMX) 06.Da Tekno Warriors - The beat kicks 07.French Connection Vs DJ Distortion - Shut the fuck up… Continue reading