Fer-D Vs Jason S – Unleash hell 2

01.Jason S Vs Fer-D – Intro: Unleash hell…again!
02.Zanthrax – My project
03.Armageddon Project – Spawn of misanthropy
04.Unknown – 95 % against me
05.Lord Hostile – Shadowbuilder
06.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs The Headbanger – Takin’ you on a trip
07.The Headbanger – The ninth gate
08.DJ Rob Vs Da Future – What do we die for
09.Skezz – Fucked !
10.DJ Outblast Vs Dr. Z-Vago – Punk bitches
11.Wapper & The Ladykiller – Edge of darkness
12.Dione – Muddafuckas
13.DJ Delirium – New Jersey 2001
14.The Viper – X-Terminate (T-1000 mix)
15.Bass-D & King Matthew – Masterplan (DJ Outblast & Dr. Z-Vago RMX)
16.The Nightraver – So
17.Scott Brown – King of the beats
18.The Viper & Mad-E-Fact – Listen
19.MC Rage – Outlaw (Placid K mix)
20.DJ Paul – I had to kill a lot of people
21.DJ Paul & DJ Panic – I need to freak
22.The Dark Twins – Mo’ hitz
23.Scott Brown – Do you want it
24.Neophyte – At war
25.DJ Outblast Vs Dr. Z-Vago – Shit can happen
26.The Headbanger – Children of the damned
27.DJ Paul – Living evil
28.Dione – Oh God

This mix was released as a downloadable MP3 on Darkside.nl.


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