Back 2 school

01.Jason S - Intro: Back 2 school 02.Digital Boy - Kokko (elettro mix) 03.RTFR - Extrasyn (techno mix) 04.Phortune - Can you feel the bass (unknown mix) 05.N-Joi - Malfunction 06.Jungle Brothers - I'll house you (house mix) 07.Incubus - The spiritl 08.Human Resource - Dominator (Frank de Wulf #2 mix) 09.Lemon8 - The bells… Continue reading

The landscape has changed (july 2008)

01.Jason S - Intro: Caught in something sinister 02.Rude Awakening - Riding dirty 03.Peaky Pounder - Positiivista 04.N-Vitral - Defliction 05.Peaky Pounder - Miekan 06.Life:::Runs:::Red & Tymon - Distorture 07.DJ Promo - Doing my thing 08.The Blaster - War is coming man 09.D-Passion - Cause and effect 10.Meccano Twins - Sinapse (Ophidian RMX) 11.Meccano Twins… Continue reading

DJ Fer-D Vs Jason S – Unleashed hell II

01.Jason S - Intro: The final battle 02.Frankie Bones - Pump the bass (original mix) 03.S-5 - The area is now completely safe (area 1) 04.I.Q. - Voodoo (tranceterdamned) 05.8 Mix - Spasmodic 06.Meng Syndicate - Sonar system (contact mix) 07.Zolex - More mystery (Roel's mix) 08.Knight Phantom - Worldwide terror 09.Defcon - Bad mother… Continue reading