Hardcore Yearmix 2006

DISC 1 1.Jason S - Intro: We're all going to hell 2.D-Passion - Twist your brain 3.SlaveFriese - On a Trip 4.Negative A - 5th Demension 5.Darkcontroler - Insurruction 6.Razor Edge - Unsolved mystery 7.Darkcontroler - Asstortion 8.Peaky Pounder - Hevonen 9.Rude Awakening - Wake up to a different world 10.Peaky Pounder - Hurmata 11.Rude… Continue reading

This is terror

01.Jason S - Intro: This is...terror 02.The Speed Freak - Mad-cow zombie-trash 03.Nocternal - Troubled 04.Tieum & Lenny Dee - Microtronic 05.The Speed Freak - Days of anger 06.Micropoint - Barbarians 07.Catkiller - Dead is in your future 08.Rob Gee - Big mac daddy 09.Negative A - Chasing illusions 10.Angerfist - Fuck the promqueen 11.Hellfish… Continue reading