Hardcore Yearmix 2006


1.Jason S – Intro: We’re all going to hell
2.D-Passion – Twist your brain
3.SlaveFriese – On a Trip
4.Negative A – 5th Demension
5.Darkcontroler – Insurruction
6.Razor Edge – Unsolved mystery
7.Darkcontroler – Asstortion
8.Peaky Pounder – Hevonen
9.Rude Awakening – Wake up to a different world
10.Peaky Pounder – Hurmata
11.Rude Awakening – Lecture on progress
12.Peaky Pounder – Viimeinen
13.Catkiller – Silicone TTT
14.Tymon – Rockajam
15.Hectic Fence – Weapon of de-fence
16.Moleculez – Omega
17.Tymon – Gucci
18.DJ Promo & Armageddon Project – Righteous infliction of retribution
19.Manga Corps – The hunter (DJ Promo RMX)
20.DJ Promo & Armageddon Project – Poisoned from within
21.DJ Outblast – Styles from beyond
22.Nosferatu – Disorder of the mind
23.E-noid – Never scared
24.DJ D – Going
25.The Wishmaster feat. Life:::Runs:::Red – Fuck all of ya
26.Ophidian & Ruffneck – Noisemaker
27.Unexist – Smash
28.Nosferatu – Beaver cleaver
29.Paul Elstak – Psychokiller (this is the end)
30.Evil Activities – Extreme audio
31.DJ Promo – The voice of a rebel
32.Cemon Victa – Prisons
33.Kid Morbid – 50 years in San Quentin
34.T-Junction & Osiris – Adrenaline shotz
35.DJ Promo – We got to advance
36.DJ D & The Viper – Loose control (Korsakoff RMX)
37.SlaveFriese – Brickwall shaker
38.DJ Promo – As the beat goes on
39.S.R.B. – Hydraulic power unit
40.Razor Edge – Pure evil
41.Sei2ure – Kaos communication
42.D-Spirit – The demon touch
43.Petrochemical – Subsist
44.Enzyme X – Mastodont
45.Petrochemical – Soul grinder
46.Hamunaptra feat. Ruffneck – Stalked by death
47.Darkcontroller – Controlled by darkness
48.Hamunaptra – Knowledge of death
49.Krad Evitagen – Darkness
50.Nosferatu – Underground stream (Dione RMX)
51.D-Passion – Put things right
52.E-Noid – Act of agression (SlaveFriese RMX)
53.Dione – Come here and die (DJ D RMX)
54.Tha Playah – The rule of cool
55.DJ Outblast – My lifestyle (we gotta keep the party going on)
56.Nexes – Dedicated to dancers
57.Tha Playah – Weird clit (Neophyte & Evil Activities RMX)
58.Neophyte – The hardest remake
59.The Wishmaster – The meaning of house
60.DJ Inyoung & Static – This is L.A.
61.Paul Elstak – Misery
62.The Headbanger – Big MF tits
63.DJ D feat. MC Justice – Embrace the mistery
64.Dione – Muddafuckas (2005 refix)
65.The Headbanger – Dead by dawn (Dione RMX)
66.DJ Promo – The revolutionist
67.Dr.Z-Vago – Now you’re fucked
68.DJ Promo – Rage ignites the fire
69.Tieum – What
70.SlaveFriese – Dorm of the future (Catscan RMX)
71.Tieum & Partyraiser – Here I cum
72.Krad Evitagen Vs E-Noid – Antisocial lab
73.Dione – Back from hell