This is terror

01.Jason S – Intro: This is…terror
02.The Speed Freak – Mad-cow zombie-trash
03.Nocternal – Troubled
04.Tieum & Lenny Dee – Microtronic
05.The Speed Freak – Days of anger
06.Micropoint – Barbarians
07.Catkiller – Dead is in your future
08.Rob Gee – Big mac daddy
09.Negative A – Chasing illusions
10.Angerfist – Fuck the promqueen
11.Hellfish & The DJ Producer – BA goes bananas
12.Nocternal – Anybody watch out
13.Overcast – Public enemy #1
14.Kyo_O – Strike it up
15.DJ Skinhhead – Extreme terror (terror mix)
16.DJ Plague – The longest war
17.Disciples of Annihilation – Ya mutha
18.Delta 9 – Hardcore Chicago (RMX)
19.Radium – Cocaine disaster
20.Delta 9 – Welcome to hell
21.Radium – Radium is dead
22.Overcast – Some electro shit
23.Dogge Team – We came to hool (good mob mix)
24.Cemon Victa – Rorret le core
25.Negative Network – Cerebral destruction
26.Negative A – Koksoccer fuck you (Angernoizer RMX)
27.The Destroyer – The star
28.Bonehead – Hunt for the weak
29.The Destroyer – Total hate
30.Frazzbass Vs Noisekick – Sweet-heart killer
31.Passenger of Shit – Buttfuckingheadsoff
32.Passenger of Shit – Suckwurmsoutmyfartingcunt
33.Legionz ov Hell – A torch for Satan (in the garden ov shadowz)
34.Frazzbass Vs Komprex – Terror worldwide

This mix was commercially released as Disc 1 of the This is Terror 7 2CD+DVD on T.I.T. Records TITCD07.