Make it fucking louder: The Paul Elstak megamix

01.Intro: The legacy of the godfather (by Jason S)02.Trapped in darkness (as Hardcore Fundamentalists)03.This is real life (feat. Adrien)04.Something evil (feat. Bass-D & King Matthew)05.Louder (feat. LNY TNZ & MC Ruffian)06.Push em up (freestyle mix)07.Jetzt geht's los! (feat. DJ Distortion)08.Greatest DJ's (feat. DJ Panic)09.Fuck you up (feat. DJ Attic & Stylzz)10.Engeltje (feat. Jebroer & Dr.… Continue reading

Remakes, remixes & refixes vol. 2

01.Jason S - Intro: Remix or original version, which one do you play? (volume 2)02.Meagashira – End of line (Endymion RMX)03.G-Shock – Demons (DJ Promo RMX)04.Nosferatu & Endymion – Stay focussed (The Viper RMX)05.Endymion – Payback (Tommyknocker’s yes i am RMX)06.The Viper & Tommyknocker – The prophecy unfolds (Tha Playah RMX)07.Mad-E-Fact – The hustle (Evil… Continue reading

1997 in full effect

01.Jason S - Intro: 1997 news bytes 02.B.S.E. - Headache FM 03.Darrien Kelly and DJ Attic & Stylzz - Beaten like a bitch 04.Rotterdam Terror Corps - We're gonna blow your mind 05.DJ Acesone - Tina 06.Men of Steel - It's the Men of Steel 07.Wayward - Hardcore hijacked me 08.Bald Terror - 2 seconds… Continue reading

Holland is Hardcore 6

01.Jason S - Intro: Leren miksen les 6 02.DJ Paul Elstak feat. Blaka Pim & Ben Skeer - Hakke klootzak! 03.Alex B & DJ Promo - Bij gebrek aan beter 04.Alex B & D-Passion - De wereld draait door 05.DJ J.D.A. - Voel je die bass (The Hitmen RMX) 06.D-Passion & Alex B - De… Continue reading

Remakes, remixes & refixes

01.Jason S - Intro: Remix or original version, which one do you play? (volume 1) 02.D-Passion – Put things right (Endymion RMX) 03.The D.O.C. – Hardcore to the p… (DJ Promo RMX) 04.Neophyte - The hardest remake 05.Human Resource – Dominator (The Stunned Guys RMX) 06.DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse – Exlxaxl (Neophyte & Evil… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2019

001.Jason S - Intro: You're supposed to say three… 002.Crypsis and Nolz - Out of the dark (official Supremacy 2019 anthem) 003.Sequence & Ominous - This is new millennium 004.DJ Mad Dog - The missing channel 005.Dither & Warface - Get it twisted 006.Unexist feat. Da Mouth Of Madness - Fuzz & fight 007.Angerfist -… Continue reading