Music of the New Church

01.Jason S - Intro: Let me tell you a story 02.The Stunned Guys- Nothing else will stand 03.Nosferatu Vs Endymion - Life is pain 04.Menace II Society - Chronic disorder 05.Death Factory - Fight 06.DJ Overdrive - The soldier 07.Nexes feat. Nosferatu - Welcome to Nexes 08.Vacorps - X-mess 09.D'Spyre - 6.48 Minutes to D'Spyre… Continue reading

The time machine

01.Jason S - Intro: I'm about to travel through time 02.Sadomasy & DJ One - Body motion 03.Ace The Space - 9 is a classic 04.Joey Beltram - Energy flash 05.Capricorn - 20 Hz 06.Moby - Go! 07.Plexus - Cactus rhythm 08.T99 - Anastasia 09.Ramirez - El ritmo barbaro 10.Armando - 100% of disin' you… Continue reading

Judgment day

01.Jason S - Intro: Judgment day is upon us 02.DJ Endonyx & Re-Style - Step into the party 03.The Intractable One - Damage report 04.Insanity Juice - Jubileum 05.Nosferatu VS Endymion - Stay focused 06.Menace II Society - Son of a bitch 07.Armageddon Project - Blessed by kaos 08.Bodylotion - Wanna freak you 09.Angerfist -… Continue reading


01.Jason S - Intro: Welcome to my world 02.Hellfish & Producer - No more rock 'n roll 03.Hellfish - Serious evil shit mission 3 04.Siege & Menace - I hate you 05.D.O.A. - Wanna be a gangsta 06.Coffeecore – The core of coffee 07.Hellfish & Producer - Compression warrior 08.Overcast - Public enemy #1 09.De… Continue reading

I’ll swallow your soul

01.Jason S - Intro: Let me tell you just in the who the hell i am! 02.Kit Williams - Poison ivy (original 1998 explosive track) 03.DJ J.D.A. - Purple pillz 04.Tommyknocker - The aftermath 05.Hardcore Fundamentalists - Trapped in darkness 06.Bass-D & King Matthew - Mass Hysteria 07.DJ Partyraiser & T.I.M. - The order 08.Angels… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2001

001.Jason S - Intro: The sound of 2001 002.Base Alert - Ojeeoink 003.Digital Boy - Dirty motherfuckers 004.Bass-D & King Matthew - True legends 005.The Masochist & Chosen Few - More drugz 006.Art of Fighters - Too strange 007.Crime Lab - 4 the harcore (ice mix) 008.DJ Niel - Battlefield 009.Armageddon Project - Spawn of… Continue reading