Judgment day

01.Jason S – Intro: Judgment day is upon us
02.DJ Endonyx & Re-Style – Step into the party
03.The Intractable One – Damage report
04.Insanity Juice – Jubileum
05.Nosferatu VS Endymion – Stay focused
06.Menace II Society – Son of a bitch
07.Armageddon Project – Blessed by kaos
08.Bodylotion – Wanna freak you
09.Angerfist – Criminally insane
10.DJ Endonyx & Re-Style – New generation of XTC
11.DJ Ali – Raiser NY Turns
12.Nosferatu VS Endymion – Broken rules
13.Gabbaextended – Five sekonds
14.DJ Macho & Bestial Kick – Gabberdrum
15.Tommyknocker – The nutrition
16.Armageddon Project – Tell the people
17.Morphine – My name is Rich
18.The Headbanger – Raven was called Sin
19.The Reactor – Who wanna fuck
20.3 Village – Respect
21.Kid Morbid – No escape from my wrath
22.Crime Lab – Scream (up and down mix)
23.Evil Activities Vs Endymion – B4 your eyes
24.Dione – Face of pain
25.Menace II Society – Fear of others
26.Core Pusher – Juno freaks
27.DJ Partyraiser & T.I.M – We all stand together
28.DJ Promo – Someone to hate
29.Tommyknocker – T-2002
30.Core Pusher – Get down
31.DJ Distortion Vs DJ Paul – What’s wrong with my brain
32.T-Wisted – Default
33.System 3 vs Crime Lab – The One
34.The Masochist Vs Neophyte – Loud & Proud
35.Buzz Fuzz – Murphy’s law (Outblast’s XTC RMX)
36.Noize Suppressor – Fingherz
37.Angerfist – Fuck off
38.Art of Fighters – Pussy lovers
39.B 747 – Underground flight
40.DJ Mad Dog – Sweet dreams
41.DJ Paul – Rotterdam posse
42.DJ Outblast – Eargazm
43.Skezz – Courscant
44.The Reactor & Raoul – 6 in the morning
45.Bodylotion – Always a jellyhead (DJ J.D.A.’s Gelei mix)
46.Unexist – Mental disease
47.Rob Gee – Nonshlentustokken (ode to vortex) (Neophyte RMX)

This mix was released as a downloadable MP3 on Darkside.nl.