01.Jason S – Intro: Welcome to my world
02.Hellfish & Producer – No more rock ‘n roll
03.Hellfish – Serious evil shit mission 3
04.Siege & Menace – I hate you
05.D.O.A. – Wanna be a gangsta
06.Coffeecore – The core of coffee
07.Hellfish & Producer – Compression warrior
08.Overcast – Public enemy #1
09.De Klootzakken – Dominee Dimitri (ach man)
10.Omar Santana – Kick some shit (Manu Le Malin RMX)
11.Stickhead & Don Demon – Demonhead
12.Bloody Fist – Cunt face
13.D.O.A. – Total annihalition
14.Akira & Metal D – Fisting the cunt
15.DJ Narotic VS U.V.C. – Step into the pit
16.Geoff Da Chef – Sledgehammer
17.Drokz & Tails – Murder all
18.Nasenbluten – Machete
19.Kill Selective – Fucked up
20.D.O.A. – Ya mutha
21.Bloody Fist – Cock Sucker
22.DJ Skinhead – Extreme terror (Drokz & Tails 100% anti-social RMX)
23.Jack Lucifer – 96 Knights (don’t fear the darkness)
24.The Berzerker – Once upon the cross
25.D.O.A. – Brooklyn mob
26.Noisekick (Feat. Mike M.) – Make my day
27.Reanimator – Advance intellect
28.Micropoint – Die vermin
29.Simon Underground & Max Death – Parts & labor
30.DJ Tron – Fuck that happy shit
31.Creators of the Occult – Warriors of the evil one
32.The Crusher – Do it in the house
33.Akira, Drokz & Tails – Kill anyone
34.Krank – Irreligion
35.Ron D-Core – Fuck deep house
36.Noisekick – Terreur boven alles
37.Noisekick – Darkpower
38.Sacred Forces – Death penalty
39.DJ Fistfuck – Never can say goodbye
40.F.U.H.D. – I learned to believe
41.Coffin Dodgers – Symbiosis (Gush mix)
42.Coffeecore – Awake with friend coffee
43.Noisekick – Ik schop u dood
44.Legionz Ov Hell – Khult ov abaddon
45.Legionz Ov Hell – Dolor aeternus
46.Noisekick – Drugs, sex, and rock & roll
47.Akira – Hong hing stylee
48.DJ Noizefucker – Bleed & die
49.Noisekick – Holland is G.V.D. het hardste !! (Noisekick 666 BPM Speedcore Mix)

This mix was released as a downloadable MP3 on Darkside.nl.


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