Music of the New Church

01.Jason S – Intro: Let me tell you a story
02.The Stunned Guys- Nothing else will stand
03.Nosferatu Vs Endymion – Life is pain
04.Menace II Society – Chronic disorder
05.Death Factory – Fight
06.DJ Overdrive – The soldier
07.Nexes feat. Nosferatu – Welcome to Nexes
08.Vacorps – X-mess
09.D’Spyre – 6.48 Minutes to D’Spyre (Meagashira RMX)
10.E-Noid – This is the ultimate
11.Menace II Society – Fear of others
12.Hamunaptra feat. Nosferatu – Soul entrapment
13.KI-Real – Let’s pray
14.Omar Santana – Get straight to it
15.Dione Vs Dr.Z-Vago – Rateling eardrumz
16.Dr.Z-Vago – Words of weapons
17.Noize Suppressor – LSD ’02
18.PCP – Emotions executed
19.E-Noid – This is not bad
20.Mir – World of terror
21.The Viper – Bulletproof (Jason S RMX)
22.DJ Or-Beat & K-Pax – Keep it alive
23.DJ Promo – Message to the majors
24.American Hardcore Alliance – We will never forget (Omar Santana mix)
25.DJ Sabotage – We come like that
26.Tommyknocker – The world is mine
27.The Dark Twins – Get this through your head (Exagon RMX)
28.DJ Vince – Lyin’ through your teeth
29.DJ X-Fly – I see motherfucker!
30.Chosen Few – Chosen paradize

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