Hardcore Yearmix 2002

001.Jason S – Intro: Time to remember everything
002.Nosferatu Vs Endymion – Stay focused
003.Re-Style – Step into the party
004.Tommyknocker & DJ Mad Dog – Clockwork
005.Rude Awakening – Revolting against
006.DJ Outblast – Communication (Catscan RMX)
007.Angerfist – Criminally insane
008.Armageddon Project – Blessed by kaos
009.Hardcore Fundamentalists – Trapped in darkness
010.Tommyknocker – The Aftermath
011.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Unleash hell
012.Armageddon Project – Floatin’ in acheron
013.Masters of Ceremony – Soul seller
014.Re-Style – Give ya house
015.Bass-D & King Matthew Vs Re-Style – Land of hardcore
016.Menace II Society – Son of a bitch
017.Enzyme X – Syskwahor
018.Catscan – My region
019.E-Noid – Hell party
020.Vacorps – X-mess
021.Nosferatu Vs Endymion – Broken rules
022.Nexes feat. Nosferatu – Welcome to Nexes
023.Ferox & Ki-Real – The warning
024.Knightvision & D’Spyre – Apocalypse
025.Tommyknocker – The nutrition
026.Bodylotion – How much can you take (Catscan RMX)
027.The Stunned Guys – Nothing else will stand
028.Meagashira – End of line (Endymion RMX)
029.DJ Promo – Escape from the hostile
030.DJ S’Pete & Jacko – Rotterdam 2 Milan
031.Ferox & Ki-Real – Damn people
032.PCP – Zombie
033.Endymion – It’s all music
034.Weapon X – Indistrezz Mode
035.Armageddon Project – Tell the people
036.Kid Morbid – No escape from my wrath
037.Base Alert – Dewegwijzer
038.Korsakoff – Tamara
039.DJ Adrian – No competition
040.DJ Promo – I hear ya commin’
041.DJ Promo – Someone to hate
042.DJ Promo – Messin’ with yo mind
043.Lady Dana – Ladies first
044.G-Shock – Demons (DJ Promo RMX)
045.E-Noid – Liquid super D
046.Hamunaptra feat. Nosferatu – Soul entrapment
047.Nosferatu – Raythered
048.Enzyme X – Traces of insanity
049.Enzyme X – Post traumatic fuck up
050.The Nightraver – We are from Rotterdam (Evil Activities RMX)
051.Neophyte & Scott Brown – Blow your brains
052.Neophyte & Scott Brown – Black magic
053.Evil Activities Vs Endymion – Before your eyes
054.Tha Playah – Hit ’em
055.G-Town Madness Vs The Viper – Buck ’em down
056.Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys – Nation of domination
057.Damage inc. – Turn around (The Viper RMX)
058.The Viper – Bulletproof
059.Dione – Highway to hell
060.Enzyme X – Parasomnia
061.The Headbanger – Raven was called Sin
062.Dione – Asshole
063.The Masochist – Chemistry
064.Dione Vs Dr.Z-Vago – Rateling eardrumz
065.Tony Salmonelli – Hey (The Viper & Mad-E-Fact RMX)
066.Menace II Society – Chronic disorder
067.G-Town Madness Vs The Viper – Here it comes
068.Bass-D & King Matthew Vs DJ Outblast – Partyfreakz
069.Evil Activities Vs Endymion – Do you like bass?
070.Sinergy – Dream sweet
071.Neophyte Vs The Viper – This is real hardcore
072.Catscan – The world is mine
073.DJ Overdrive – Let the beat drop
074.Enzyme X – The dark
075.DJ Promo – Not down with the standard (Msf RMX)
076.DJ Promo – Message to the majors
077.The Alienator – Causin’ panic
078.Dione – Rock the place
079.The Stunned Guys – The drummer and the dancer
080.Bodylotion – Neighbourhood crime
081.DJ D – Mankind warning
082.The Masochist Vs Neophyte – Hell no!
083.Enzyme X – Kapotnaaien
084.DJ Paul & DJ Promo – Enemies 4 life (DJ Promo mix)
085.Nosferatu – The undead
086.Three Village Vs Impulse Factory – The underground
087.Tommyknocker – The world is mine
088.DJ Paul & DJ Distortion – What’s wrong with my brain
089.Impulse Factory Vs The Masochist – We are (like I told ‘ya)
090.Masters of Ceremony – So fucking what?
091.Masters of Ceremony – Under control
092.Masters of Ceremony – Know your enemy
093.Omar Santana – Get straight to it
094.The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul – Bombing eardrums
095.DJ Or-Beat & K-Pax – Keep it alive
096.DJ J.D.A. Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – Surivors of hardcore
097.Buzz Fuzz – Murphy’s law (DJ Outblast’s XTC RMX)
098.DJ Kristof & DJ Niel – Macho bullshit
099.Noize Suppressor – Fingerz
100.Kid Morbid – Chocolate milk
101.The Masochist Vs Neophyte – Loud & proud
102.Omar Santana feat. MC Sypher – Live in L.A.
103.Angerfist – Fuck off
104.DJ Vince & DJ Promo – Lyin’ through your teeth
105.DJ Outblast – Eargazm
106.Nosferatu – Immortal noizes
107.Neophyte feat. MC Ruffian – Muil houwe
108.Holland’s Hardest – Holland is godverdomme ‘t hardste (100 % aso hardhouse RMX)
109.Scott Brown & Darrien Kelly Vs Bodylotion – Always a jellyhead (DJ J.D.A.’s Gelei mix)
110.Jason S – Outro: No one like you left

This mix was released as a downloadable MP3 on Darkside.nl.