The rebirth of hardcore

01.Jason S – Intro: Giving birth
02.Kid Morbid – Speed cult
03.Angerfist – It never stops
04.Noize Suppressor & Endymion – Gangboy
05.Chaosphere Vs Evil Activities – Back in the house
06.Knightvision & D’Spyre – Apocalypse (Nosferatu’s VIP mix)
07.Re-Style – One with the universe
08.DJ Promo – Messin’ with yo mind
09.DJ Wicked & Nonasylum – Up yours
10.E-Noid – Liquid super D
11.Dione – Highway to hell
12.The Alienator – The invaders
13.Hard SL – Hardstyle suckers
14.The Alienator – The terminator
15.Dione – Rock the place
16.The Stunned Guys – The drummer and the dancer
17.Masters of Ceremony – Know your enemy
18.Neophyte Vs The Viper – This is real hardcore
19.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Fear the sound
20.Tommyknocker – Demolition
21.DJ Paul – I had to kill a lot of people (Nosferatu RMX)
22.The Headbanger feat. Ruffian & Alee – At large
23.Dr. Z-Vago – The bonebreaker
24.Weapon X – Whatz yo’ name
25.Scott Brown – Ghosts
26.Sinergy – Dream sweet
27.Parian & Mental Defective – Nasty bitch
28.Neophyte feat. MC Ruffian – Muil houwe
29.DJ Lancinhouse & The Stunned Guys – Shout
30.Justice – Born to raise hell
31.The Stunned Guys – Slow me down
32.DJ Paul feat. Firestone & Ruffian – Pogo action!
33.Jason S – Outro: Hardstyle festival

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