First class ticket to hell

01.Jason S – Intro: Get your tray table up…
02.Void Settler – Proceed manually
03.Peaky Pounder – Fasttalking
04.Tha Playah – Mastah of shock
05.B 747 – I wanna have fun
06.DJ Anas – Hard mixture
07.Ophidian – Nurse
08.Rude Awakening – Wake you from your boredom
09.S.R.B – 2 ure head
10.Angerfist – Sons of Satan
11.Korsakoff – My empty bottle
12.Catscan – Time 2 B loud (Korsakoff RMX)
13.DJ Paul feat. Firestone & MC Ruffian – Ready for judgment day
14.Rotterdam Terror Corps – I will never surrender
15.DJ Paul feat. MC Ruffian – Rage (DJ J.D.A. RMX)
16.DJ Outblast – Back online
17.DJ Sabotage – Smash the walls
18.Tha Playah – Tha bounce
19.T-Junction – Checkmate
20.Dr.Z-Vago Vs DJ Outblast – Seiko groupie
21.DJ Paul feat. Firestone – Welcome to hardcore hell
22.Project Omeaga – Prednison attack
23.DJ Tieum – Ready to party
24.Shadowlands Terrorists – Still standing strong
25.Endymion Vs Nosferatu – Drunk with a gun
26.DJ Lancinhouse & The Stunned Guys – The sickest audiocrime
27.Cyclopede – Bad motherfucker
28.Ophidian – Strichnine
29.Jason S – Outro: Mixen en draaien, oh wat een lol!

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