I love da core

01.Jason S – Intro: He’s back again
02.D-Passion – Painting outside
03.N-Vitral – Telladge
04.Peaky Pounder – Testaa
05.D-Passion – Kind of rude
06.Void Settler – Gnomes tinker with time
07.N-Vitral – Fregat
08.Endymion – Contact
09.Rude Awakening – Credit is due
10.Scott Brown feat. Neophyte – Blast your ass
11.Korsakoff – Still wasted
12.Dr.Z-Vago – Brainblower
13.The Headbanger Vs DJ Delirium – Hell send
14.Angerfist – Bonified alcoholik musik makin motfhafucka
15.Ophidian – Butterfly (VIP edit)
16.Tha Playah – Rotterdam nightmare
17.Endymion – Payback
18.Paul Elstak – Now’s the fucking time (Dr.Z-Vago RMX)
19.Base Alert – Zoo
20.Dione – Come here and die
21.Tommyknocker – Dream:scream
22.Nuclear Device – Like a bitch
23.Osiris Vs T-Junction – The undestructables
24.The Viper – Intellectual killer (Nosferatu & Endymion RMX)
25.Evil Activities Vs DJ Panic – Bigger than ever
26.DJ D feat. Hellsystem – Step on stage
27.DJ D & The Viper – Loose control
28.The Viper & Tommyknocker feat. MC Da Mouth of Madness – The prophecy unfolds (Tha Playah RMX)
29.Omar Santana – Causing hysteria
30.Paul Elstak feat. DJ J.D.A. & MC Ruffian – Hardcore by nature
31.Noize Suppressor – Wash machine
32.Scott Brown – Boomstick
33.Neophyte & Evil Activities – Alles kapot
34.Denekamps Gespuis – Gas met die zooi

This mix was actually created in the latter part of 2004 but not released until november 2006 as a downloadable MP3 on Darkside.nl.