01.Jason S – Intro: The box, you opened it, we came
02.Razor Edge – Deoxyribonucleic acid
03.Rude Awakening – False sense of security
04.Peaky Pounder – Viimeinen
05.Jason S – Exorcism
06.Peaky Pounder – Iskea on puu
07.Life:::Runs:::Red – Veleno
08.N-Vitral – My gopyrn
09.Catkiller – Silicone TIT
10.D-Xtreme Vs Nocternal – Anti-social
11.Parian – Fuck you!
12.Darkcontroller – Insurruction
13.Darkcontroller – Asstortion
14.Ophidian & Ruffneck – Noisemaker
15.Unexist – Smash
16.Razor Edge – Cummon
17.Negative A feat. Darkcontroller – Rape the planet
18.Tha Playah – The rule of cool
19.DJ Mad Dog – So what about the…
20.Neophyte – The hardest remake
21.Dione – Ruff confusion
22.Dione – We shall see
23.Dione – Come here and die (DJ D RMX)
24.Korsakoff – My empty bottle (Deimos & 100 Kilo Maarten RMX)
25.Endymion – Hybrids
26.Darkcontroller – Controlled by darkness
27.D-Passion – Put things right
28.Dr.Z-Vago – Now you’re fucked
29.Synapse – Crispy kick
30.Negative A – The cure
31.Synapse – Nifty tick
32.DJ Nosferatu & Endymion – Reformation
33.Negative A – Koksoccer fuck you (E-Noid RMX)
34.Tieum – Change de skeud
35.Lunatic & Miss Hysteria Vs DJ Wicked – Shadow
36.E-Noid Vs Krad Evitagen – Remain calm
37.E-Noid – Back up
38.The Headbanger – Enter my domain
39.Jason S – Outro: It’s just a puzzle box!

This mix was commercially released as Disc 1 of the Hellraiser Vs Megarave 2CD+DVD on Megarave Records MR060.