DJ Fer-D Vs Jason S – Unleashed hell

01.Jason S – Intro: Place your bets
02.De-viation Crew – De-state (afterdark mix)
03.DJ Rope & Marco Bailey – Be free (wavesong mix)
04.4Voice – Move
05.Sperminator – No woman allowed (men’s room mix)
06.Frankie Bones – We can do this (Brooklyn/Stormrave mix)
07.Tribal Force – Huga chaka
08.General Noise – Rotterdam subway (Maurice Steenbergen central station RMX)
09.Source Code – I’m not a number (Holy Noise RMX)
10.Lenny Dee – Alpha 1
11.Sulfurex – Point break
12.DJ Bountyhunter – Short circuit
13.La Casa – Mutha f*cka house (original mix)
14.The Ultimate Seduction – Ba da da na na na (Rotterdam mix)
15.The Brain – Crasy one (fucker mix)
16.English Muffin – You should have been smarter
17.Yves DeRuyter – Calling earth (DJ Gizmo RMX)
18.Vitamin – Muffin’ in Mokum
19.Genlog – Revolution
20.Wasting Program – Step right up folks (step one mix)
21.NIP Collective – Weekend track
22.Global Hardcore Source – Caveman
23.Bass-D & King Matthew – The witch
24.The Salami Brothers – Wet pizza (mini-salami mix)
25.3 Steps Ahead – We need things that make us go (Senna’s drive mix)
26.Omar Santana – Noise dive
27.DJ Skorp & DJ Pila – Mindcontroller
28.George Vagas – Hyperdome (heavens version)
29.Buzz Fuzz – Dreamgirl (original mix)
30.Buzz Fuzz – The one eyed slut
31.Jason S – Outro: It’s just starting

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