Downtempo Demons part III


01.Jason S – Intro: Terrorized by Downtempo demons
02.XKRi – Self destruction
03.Marc Acardipane – Pitch-hiker (Ghost in the Machine RMX)
04.Strange Arrival – Dilophosaurus
05.M4ZE Pusher – Swarm
06.Adamant Scream – Hexs
07.Mad Dog – You still don’t belong
08.MakerDJ Vs Russian Roulette – The fuckin’ Rick Dalton
09.Marc Acardipane – Tainted blood
10.AVLM – Voices
11.Waldhaus – Ad Vesperum (Adamant Scream RMX)
12.Marc Acardipane – Impending doom
13.Nightshift – A for apocalypse
14.Marc Acardipane feat. Mad Dog – Reboot the phuture
15.Marc Acardipane feat. The Ultimate MC – Mortal souls
16.Tripped – Sploofer (can zou feel it)
17.T-Junction & Core Criminal – Diamond in the dirt (ac mix)
18.Dither – Mokerharde kicks
19.Neophyte & The Viper – 2 Much junk
20.Allface – Metamorph
21.Nanostorm – Angelic lamentation
22.The Empire – Prayer
23.T-Junction & Alex B – Groundshaker (Nightshift RMX)
24.Alex B – All you’ve got is now
25.Mad Dog – Underground

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