The Darkside of the core

01.Skess – Intro: What we’re working for
02.Catscan – Rotten
03.Temper Tantrum Vs Unexist – Omnibeam
04.Bass-D & King Matthew – True legends
05.DJ Promo – My underground madness
06.T-Wisted – Obsession
07.Rexanthony – Ecstasypills
08.DJ Promo & Catscan – Virgin territory
09.Neophyte – Ballz in yer mouth
10.Scott Brown – Bass be louder
11.Hard Creation – Let’s get ’em all
12.Dione – Oh God
13.DJ Paul & Distortion – Jetzt geht’s los
14.Wedlock & Nosferatu – Fingerprintz (Endymion RMX)
15.DJ E-Rick – Physical reaction
16.Catscan – The same position
17.The Wishmaster – Believe in the power of hardcore
18.DJ Outblast – Masters’s symphony
19.Scott Brown – Critical level
20.DJ E-Rick – Bounce it like this
21.Tommyknocker feat. The Dominion – Woman
22.Dr.Z-Vago – Fuck the world
23.The D.O.C. – Hardcore to the p…(DJ Promo RMX)
24.The Reactor & Raoul Vs Miss Flower – Dance or die
25.Dione – Confusing MF’s
26.Placid K – It’s been a long time
27.The Blaster – Let’s go my mind
28.DJ Nosferatu – The prayer
29.J.D.A. – Voel je die bass (Bass-D & King Matthew RMX)
30.The Reactor, Raoul & Miss Flower Vs DJ Distortion & DJ Paul – Feel the dirty words in the music (Double Impact 3 by Jason S)
31.Rotterdam Terror Corps & The Headbanger – Hardcore generation
32.Noize Creator – Type zero
33.Nosferatu – Up the drumz

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