DJ Promo megamix

01.Jason S – Intro: DJ Promo megamix from The Darkside
02.DJ Promo – Back in time
03.DJ Promo – Metal warfare
04.DJ Promo – What the fuck?
05.DJ Promo & DJ X-Ess – Vicious circle
06.DJ Promo – Counter attack
07.DJ Promo & Trickstyle – What u want
08.DJ Promo – Patterns in chaos
09.DJ Promo – Up yours!
10.DJ Promo – Emotions over anger
11.DJ Promo – Life from the other side
12.DJ Promo – I come correct
13.DJ Promo – X-Termination
14.DJ Promo – System feedback
15.DJ Promo – Broaden our minds
16.DJ Promo – 20.000 freaks
17.DJ Promo – The industry can’t stop me
18.DJ Promo – The bad guy
19.DJ Promo – King of pain
20.DJ Promo & Catscan – Midnight impact
21.DJ Promo – Dancefloor hardcore
22.DJ Promo & Catscan – Battle of the sexes
23.DJ Promo – My underground madness
24.DJ Promo – Driven by instinct
25.DJ Promo & Catscan – Chaos in the flesh
26.DJ Promo – My recipe for disaster
27.DJ Promo & Catscan – Virgin territory
28.DJ Promo – Running against the rules
29.DJ Promo – Bullet from my gun
30.DJ Promo & DJ Bike – No commercial sound
31.DJ Promo – Can you thrill me?
32.DJ Promo & Digital Boy – Serious damage
33.DJ Promo – Procurer of the cure
34.DJ Promo – Different breed of men
35.DJ Promo – Phreak ya speaka
36.DJ Promo & DJ X-Ess – Guns ‘n ammo (under construction mix)
37.DJ Promo – Just a feeling
38.XXX Rated – Mad-Donna
39.DJ Promo & DJ Delirium – Bass power
40.DJ Promo – It runs deep part 1
41.DJ Promo – It runs deep part 2
42.DJ Promo – Cheating bitch (dedicated)
43.DJ Promo – Cold ss stone
44.DJ Promo – Can’t hold me down
45.DJ Promo – Feel the thunder
46.DJ Promo – Beat ya brain again
47.DJ Promo & Solo – Psycho style
48.DJ Promo – This underground sound
49.DJ Promo – Kill tha noise
50.DJ Promo – I wanna freak you
51.DJ Promo & Ming – From the darkside
52.DJ Promo – Shit to die for
53.DJ Promo & Da Vinci – Sing it louder
54.DJ Promo – Boomin’ out the box
55.DJ Promo – Shut up!
56.DJ Promo – The incredible
57.DJ Promo & The Judges – I’m the law
58.Jason S – Outtro: Signing Off

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