The Darkside chainsaw massacre

01.Jason S – Intro: The Darkside chainsaw massacre
02.Dr.Macabre – Ghoststories 2
03.DJ Niel & Kristoff – Streetknowledge
04.Art of Fighters – Release
05.Da Boy Tommy – Halloween (Jason S Hardcore RMX)
06.DJ Promo – I come correct
07.Bulldozer Project – Arise
08.Wapper & The Ladykiller – Hardcore knowledge
09.The Alienator – Prey (original mix)
10.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs The Headbanger – Takin’ u on a trip
11.No Sukkaz – We’ll never walk alone
12.Unknown – Bring the pain
13.DJ Paul Vs The Stunned Guys – Thrillseeka (T-Factor RMX)
14.DJ Promo & DJ Bike – No commercial sound
15.Endymion – We are the future
16.Core Pusher – Devil wown
17.The Alienator – This is war
18.Hard Creation – Bastardasshole
19.Catscan – Captured in distress
20.DJ J.D.A. feat. XZ – I’m hard to the core
21.The Wishmaster – Hardcoreclan
22.Negative A – Keep you in safety
23.The Headbanger Vs The Alienator – Strike
24.DJ Promo & Digital Boy – Serious damage
25.Maskara – The drop
26.Noize Suppressor – Mr.Enemy (DJ Bike RMX)
27.DJ E-Rick – Time for the real shit
28.Dione – Confusing MF’s
29.The Masochist Vs Digital Boy – Shoutz
30.Claudio Lancinhouse & System 3 – Keep on fuckin’ 2001
31.Dr.Skess Vs NXS – Runaway
32.Biodome – Keep the faith
33.Rotterdam Terror Corps – R.M.F.T.
34.Endymion – The power to forget
35.Wedlock & Nosferatu – Bullitproof
36.Leatherfaze & Total Destruction – Fuck u bitch

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