Hardcore Yearmix 2005 (the 75 minutes cut)

001.Jason S – Intro: The shit is on!
002.The Wishmaster Vs Life Runs Red – Tales from the white widow
003.E-Noid – DNA theory
004.D-Passion – Wake up and become
005.D-Passion – Blacklist amok
006.Void Settler – Gnomes tinker with time (Hellfish RMX)
007.SlaveFriese – Ecstasy me
008.Catscan – The daylight burn
009.Korsakoff – Powerrave
010.DJ Promo – My claim to fame
011.DJ Niel – Under my skin
012.DJ Promo – Insp-her-ation
013.DJ Outblast Vs Korsakoff – Unleash the beast
014.Re-Style – Right here, right now
015.Ophidian – The middle children
016.Armageddon Project – The punishment due
017.Catscan – My defragmentated head
018.Negative A feat. Darkcontroller – Rape the planet
019.DJ Paul Elstak – Ready for judgement day (DJ D RMX)
020.Angerfist – Take u back
021.Placid K – B.2.B.
022.Ophidian – Angel
023.Tommyknocker – Twist
024.Dr. Z-Vago & DJ D – The dead walk
025.DJ Promo – Among the best
026.DJ Outblast – Life sentence for mankind (never say die)
027.Korsakoff – Still wasted
028.Masters Of Ceremony – A way of life (DJ Promo RMX)
029.D-Passion – Everyday again
030.Negative A – Music to die to
031.Tieum – Bounce
032.Alex B & DJ Promo – Bij gebrek aan beter
033.DJ Daisy – Sacrum (DJ Promo mix)
034.Lenny Dee Vs Radium – Headbanger boogie
035.Ophidian & Tapage – The mine
036.Dione – Our future
037.Meccano Twins – Breath
038.Art Of Fighters – The thousand faces conspiration
039.Core Pusher – I like u stoopid
040.N-Corruptor – Welcome to the darkness
041.The Headbanger Vs DJ Delirium – Getcha damn hands up
042.Tha Playah & DJ Dazzler – Beat u 2 death
043.DJ Nosferatu – Frustrated motherfuckers
044.Hardcore United – Time to make a stand (Neophyte & Evil Activities mix)
045.T-Junction feat. MC Syco – The voice of power
046.Angerfist – Raise your fist
047.Noize Suppressor feat. Mc Syco – Party motherfuckerz
048.T.M.T. – Fuckin’ noize
049.The Outside Agency & D’Spyre – Fire & blood revisited
050.Human Resource – Dominator (The Stunned Guys RMX)
051.The Stunned Guys – You will die
052.E-Noid – Terminate
053.Prowler – Devil’s chase
054.Weapon X – Hate me!
055.Scott Brown – The old to the new
056.Dione – Deluge
057.Dione – The way is shut
058.T-Junction & Osiris feat. MC Syco – What’s up with life (Masters Of Ceremony RMX)
059.The Headbanger – Serious damage
060.DJ Paul Elstak & DJ D – Furious anger
061.DJ Outblast Vs DJ D – Electro shocking
062.DJ Paul Elstak – Roaring rampage
063.The Alienator – Causin’ panic (DJ Paul Elstak RMX)
064.Lo-Fi – Watcha i really want
065.Dione – Ruff confusing
066.DJ Buzz Fuzz – Men of teflon
067.The Masochist – Kill the RMX
068.Fly By Wire – Alkaline 3dh (Catscan RMX)
069.Amnesys – That’s true, that’s right
070.Ruffneck & Endymion – Masenka
071.Dr. Z-Vago – Underground, my sound
072.Dione – Just kickin ass (DJ Paul Elstak RMX)
073.Dr. Z-Vago – Biohazard muthafucka
074.Art Of Fighters Vs Nico & Tetta – Revenge
075.The Viper – Blow da club down
076.The Stunned Guys & Tommyknocker – Your choice
077.Dione – Eye of the storm
078.Tha Playah – If you want it like that
079.Art Of Fighters – I’m your enemy
080.Meccano Twins Vs Art Of Fighters – Dualism
081.DJ Nosferatu & Endymion – Nothing is what it seems
082.E-Noid – Antichrist
083.Entity & Slam – Stereo moon
084.DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse – Exlxaxl (Neophyte & Evil Activities RMX)
085.The Headbanger Vs Dione – Pain is god
086.Randy Vs Radium – The beat
087.Core Pusher – Fire burnin’
088.DJ Delirium – Tales of jealousy (DJ Mad Dog RMX)
089.Tommyknocker – Domination
090.Evil Activities – The way i am
091.Noize Suppressor – Bone crusher
092.Unexist – Liberate
093.Negative A & E-Noid – Generation X
094.D-Passion – Free admission
095.DJ Promo – Don’t be fuckin’ with my shit
096.DJ Nosferatu – Disease
097.Scott Brown – Fuck your style
098.Evil Activities & DJ Panic feat. MC Alee – Never fall asleep
099.Weapon X – Comin’ down
100.Evil Activities – Do you like bass (Tha Playah RMX)
101.Evil Activities – To you who doubt me (Tommyknocker RMX)
102.DJ Paul Elstak & DJ Distortion feat. MC Ruffian – This is no game (this is war)
103.Scott Brown – Neckbreaker (Nustyle mix)
104.Elite Forces – Because you killed us
105.Dr. Z-Vago & Dione – Depth of bass
106.Lo-Fi – Murder international
107.Amnesys – The ultimate motherfucker
108.Omar Santana, Mike Hemp & Dope-E – Take’ em out
109.Tieum – Fuck right off
110.DJ Nosferatu & Endymion Vs The Viper feat. MC Alee – Project hardcore (pro evolution mix)
111.Dr. Z-Vago – Live transmission
112.Negative A – Koksoccer fuck you (E-Noid RMX)
113.Dr. Z-Vago – Hate me
114.Tommyknocker – Shogun
115.E-Noid – Crossfade
116.Negative A – Marksman
117.Negative A – Adrenchroom
118.Razor Edge – Hard beat
119.Dione – I grab my nine
120.Neophyte & Lenny Dee – The future priests of now
121.Randy Vs Radium – Real big
122.Delta 9 & Lenny Dee – Nobody likes the records that i play
123.DJ Skinhead – At war again (Unexist & Lenny Dee RMX)
124.Jason S – Outro: The last change (this is who we are)