Hardcore Yearmix 2000 (the re-edited cut)

01.Jason S – Intro: That’s the very first, righ?
02.Buzz Fuzz Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – It’s allright (The Masochist RMX)
03.DJ Promo – King of pain
04.DJ Bike – Pass me
05.DJ Self – Back with the hardcore (DJ Isaac RMX)
06.Da Tekno Warriors – The beat kicks
07.French Connection Vs DJ Distortion – Shut the fuck up
08.The Masochist – Our house
09.DJ Promo & Trickstyle – What u want
10.Catscan – Groundfactor
11.Chosen Few – Doomzday
12.DJ Delirium – Guess who’s back?
13.Dione – In the air
14.Buzz Fuzz & The Prophet – Open sesame
15.Dione – Mayhem
16.Virtual Darkness – New style attack
17.Promo – The bad guy
18.System 3 – Like a shot
19.Unknown – Fuck the rumours
20.Meagashira – Through innercore
21.Endymion – Mind and body as one
22.Bass-D & King Matthew – Power to da people
23.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Schizophrenic
24.DJ Isaac – No chemical sisters
25.G-Town Madness – Locked down
26.Deathlok Hardcore Team – Da rhythm
27.The Masochist Vs Buzz Fuzz – Headclapper
28.Buzz Fuzz – King of the beats
29.Bass-D & King Matthew – Fly away
30.Bass-D & King Matthew – Suckerzz
31.The Headbanger – I’m in your head
32.Impulse Factory – Hardcore will never die
33.Paul Elstak Vs DJ Panic – Go
34.The D.O.C. – License to ill
35.Masters of Ceremony – Hardcore will survive
36.Bass-D & King Matthew – The masterplan
37.The D.O.C. – Hardcore to the p…
38.The Viper Vs Mad-E-Fact – Control the party
39.T-Factor – How many more out there
40.The Masochist – Wanna fuck
41.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs The Headbanger – Banging your fist
42.Virus – Evil is among thee
43.Paul Elstak Vs DJ Panic – Hate
44.DJ Outblast – Eardrumz
45.Impulse Factory – We are the future, brother
46.The Stunned Guys & Paul Elstak feat. MC Ruffian – Hardcore takin’ over
47.Bass-D & King Matthew Vs Lady Dana – Rock that
48.Dione – Resistance = futile
49.Paul Elstak Vs DJ Distortion – The battle has begun
50.Buzz Fuzz – Fly away
51.Virus – New elite force
52.DJ Outblast – Do what you wanna do
53.The Masochist Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – Get retarded
54.Marquiz De Sade – The brother Marquiz
55.DJ Promo – Running against the rules
56.Buzz Fuzz Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – Totally fucked
57.DJ Isaac & The Viper – Trigga finga
58.Rotterdam Terror Corps & Paul Elstak & DJ Distortion – Fear
59.Chaosphere – We are the base
60.DJ Outblast – Won’t let hardcore down
61.Evil Activities – Harder & harder
62.Catscan – WO III
63.DJ Bike – Bike’s brum
64.The Alienator – Prey (The Headbanger RMX)
65.Rotterdam Terror Corps & Paul Elstak & DJ Distortion – Stop looking at me
66.DJ J.D.A. – The big payback
67.3 Village – Every human being on earth
68.Dark Twins – Get down
69.Endymion – Judge of darkness (Evil Activities RMX)
70.DJ Outblast – Communication
71.Gatekeeper – Hard attack
72.The Stunned Guys & Paul Elstak – Thrillseeka (Hard Creation RMX)
73.The Ravemasters – Restart
74.Evil Activities – Make your wish
75.3 Steps Ahead – Fever
76.The Hitsquad – I would like you to come
77.Buzz Fuzz – Buzzyness = buzzyness
78.Masters of Ceremony – A way of life
79.The Headbanger feat. MC Alee & Ruffian – Headbanger theme
80.Hard Creation – I will have that power
81.Paul Elstak Vs DJ Panic – Up yours
82.The Viper Vs Mad-E-Fact – The beatz the suckers wished they had
83.Noize Suppressor – Redrom
84.Paul Elstak Vs DJ Panic – Greatest DJ’s
85.The D.O.C. & DJ Outblast – Complete darkness
86.Buzz Fuzz & The Prophet – Go get ill
87.Digital Boy & MC Rage – Akkur (rave mix)
88.Evil Activities – What’s inside me (Endymion RMX)
89.Bass-D & King Matthew – Cold Medina
90.The Masochist – Antimix (Neophyte mix)
91.Negative A – Fuck it
92.Paul Elstak Vs DJ Panic – Fuck it
93.Gatekeeper – The machine
94.Wedlock Vs Nosferatu – Fingerprintz
95.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs The Headbanger – Gabberen
96.Bodylotion – Freak
97.Unknown Artist – Rotterdam hooligan