Going back to the nineties – Part 1

01.Jason S – Intro: Going Back to the nineties part 1
02.Euromasters – Everybody clap your hands
03.The Reanimator – Bigger and bolder
04.Ni-Cad – Brainwasher
05.Bass X – Hardcore disco part 3
06.Spastic Egg – Stick up
07.DJ Gizmo & Delirium – Do you wanna dance
08.Rave Nation – Going crazy (Bodylotion mix)
09.Hardliners – Motherfuckin’ breakbeat
10.Bodylotion – Make you dance
11.Juggernaut – XTC Motherf
12.Two Terrorists – The fly
13.Bass Reaction – Technofobia
14.Paul Elstak – Life is like a dance (DJ Paul’s mix)
15.Brothers in Crime – Drop da beat (Forze mix)
16.Pascal – His first creation
17.Paul Elstak – Pump this party
18.Eraserhead – Life is a mystery (Forze DJ Team mix)
19.Reyes – Rock with me
20.King Dale – Fuckface (Too Fast For Mellow mix)
21.Predator – Mind of a lunatic
22.T.N.T. – Kiss the ground
23.C-Tank – Nightmares are reality
24.Tony Salmonelli – Hey! (Buzzy’s ragga mix)
25.Lenny Dee Vs Paul Elstak – Anti-procastination
26.Evil Maniax – Rotterdam bitch!
27.Smash? – Korreckte atmospaere
28.Neophyte – A Rotterdam gabber
29.Evil Maniax – Creators of hardcore
30.Bodylotion – Mellow moenie mauwe

This mix was released as a downloadable MP3 on Darkside.nl.