Hardcore Yearmix 2004


01.Jason S – Intro: A darkness of our own making
02.Void Settler – Gnomes tinker with time
03.Slavefriese – Lost in the Vietkong jungle
04.D-Passion – Painting outside
05.Slavefriese – As loud as possible
06.Enzyme X – Nightbreed
07.Razor Edge – Chewing on the razor
08.Mindustries – Struck a nerve
09.Ferox – Save urself
10.Delta 9 – For your brain
11.Re-Style – Relytser
12.Paul Elstak feat. Adrien – This is real life
13.Celcius – Y4
14.Re-Style – Fucking on the dancefloor
15.Prowler – No turning back
16.DJ D – dB area
17.DJ D & Endymion – Mortal war
18.Scott Brown & Neophyte – Blast your ass
19.Synapse – Renoised sine
20.Negative A – White fluids of DNA
21.DJ Promo – Everything
22.Facehoover – Psychotogen
23.Nosferatu – Cameltoe
24.Prowler – Face of death
25.Project Omeaga – Morphine attack
26.The Headbanger – Violator (Tommyknocker RMX)
27.Tha Playah – Who ya rockin` with
28.Art of Fighters – Mistake
29.Angels of Darkness – En qontrol
30.Dr.Z-Vago – My destiny
31.DJ D – Dirty
32.Meagashira – We are outsiders
33.Hamunaptra – Art of suffering
34.DJ Special Vs DJ J-Skin – Somebody in the end
35.D-Xtreme – The clock is ticking
36.Tha Playah – Premonition
37.Angerfist – Bonified alcoholik musik makin mothafucka
38.Ophidian – Butterfly VIP
39.Tha Playah – Rotterdam nightmare
40.Endymion – Payback
41.DJ Niel – Hostile artillery
42.Dione – Born 2 raise hell
43.Base Alert – Zoo
44.Catscan – Mindful candy
45.Tha Playah – Fuck tha fame
46.T-Junction & Osiris feat. MC Syco – What’s up with life
47.Enzyme X – Dissonant poetry
48.Catscan & D-Passion – Phreaking elektronics
49.Despairful Tomorrow – And hell followed
50.Tommyknocker – Nutrition (The Headbanger RMX)
51.Meagashira feat. Jay Capone – EGO
52.Prowler – Reality
53.Noize Suppressor – Thunderground 2004
54.Angerfist – Cannibal
55.Tommyknocker – Revolution

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/jasonshardcore/hardcore-yearmix-2004-part-1/ width=100% height=400]


01.Archetype – Proceed with caution
02.Dione – Come here and die
03.Nuclear Device – Like a bitch
04.Osiris Vs T-Junction – The undestructables
05.The Viper – Intellectual killer (Nosferatu & Endymion RMX)
06.Dione – Out with the quickness
07.Dione Vs DJ Distortion – Hostile takeover
08.Tha Playah – Keep them titties jumping
09.Tommyknocker – Dream:scream
10.The Stunned Guys & DJ Lancinhouse – Drum ‘n bass
11.Re-Style – Sacrifice
12.Angerfist – Audio waste
13.T-Junction – The rise and fall
14.The Stunned Guys & Paul Elstak – Thrillseeka (The Stunned Guys 2004 reload)
15.Re-Style – Keep the vibes alive
16.Scott Brown & Neophyte – Self destruction (Neophyte Mix)
17.Mental Defective – My life
18.Endymion – Pussy motherfuckerz
19.DJ Outblast – Hardcore time (The Headbanger RMX)
20.Nico & Tetta – Hardcore motherfucker
21.Evil Activities Vs DJ Panic – Bigger than ever
22.Paul Elstak – I am a God (Evil Activities RMX)
23.Paul Elstak Vs Dione – Here comes the prozac
24.The Viper & Tommyknocker feat. MC Da Mouth of Madness – The prophecy unfolds (Tha Playah RMX)
25.Dione – We are still here
26.The Alienator – Final annihalation
27.Dione – Silence is loud
28.Mindustries – Playing the game
29.D-Passion – Deadline
30.DJ Promo & Lenny Dee – Constant filth
31.Noize Suppressor – Wash machine
32.Endymion – Rock the part-E
33.Meccano Twins – Kick type 2
34.Art of Fighters – Game don’t stop
35.The Stunned Guys – You will survive
36.Paul Elstak feat. Firestone & MC Ruffian – A hardcore state of mind
37.Paul Elstak feat. Firestone – Bang your head
38.Meccano Twins – The last release
39.Nuclear Device – I’m a killah
40.Prowler – Falling down
41.J.D.A. – Raw power
42.DJ D & The Viper – Loose control
43.DJ Mad Dog – I love hardcore
44.DJ Outblast – Fuck what u heard (DJ Vince & Sceletor RMX)
45.Negative A & Darkcontroller – Hard vitality
46.Tieum – Program complete
47.D-Passion & Alex B – De spelregels
48.Radium – Another day
49.Neophyte & Evil Activities – Party like us
50.Nosferatu – Have it your way
51.Evil Activities – Dedicated (to those who tried to hold me down)
52.Neophyte & Evil Activities – Alles kapot
53.Neophyte & Evil Activities – One of those days
54.Enzyme X – Kapotnaaien (Fotzelegger mix)
55.Unexist – Attack
56.Jason S – Outro: The end (according to the CSM)

This mix was commercially released as a 2CD on Megarave Records MR052.