Hardcore Yearmix 2003

01.Jason S – Intro: Loading the Yearmix 2003
02.Tha Playah – Tha mastah of shock
03.The DJ Producer – Journey of force (vocal mix)
04.Peaky Pounder – Fasttalking
05.Void Settler – Proceed manually
06.Ophidian – Nurse
07.B 747 – I wanna have fun
08.Slavefriese – Dorm of the future
09.Kristof Vs Bad Boy – U.F.B.
10.S.R.B. – 2 ure head
11.Angerfist – Sons of Satan
12.DJ D – Unnamed
13.Korsakoff – My empty bottle
14.D-Spirit – The spirit
15.Lenny Dee – I called you
16.Evil Activities Vs Chaosphere – Paranoid dancer
17.Catscan – Absolute confrontation
18.Hardcore Fundamentalists – Trapped in darkness
19.Neophyte Vs The Viper – Reversed mode
20.Evil Activities Vs Chaosphere – Back in the house
21.DJ Paul & The Headbanger – Fuck him
22.DJ D – Samara
23.Catscan – Time 2 B loud (Korsakoff RMX)
24.Tha Playah – Weird shit
25.Tommyknocker – Showtime
26.D-Passion – Fuck the free world
27.Promo – Messin` with yo mind
28.Promo – Pressure on the fakes
29.Promo & Catscan Toch welleuk
30.Nosferatu & Endymion – All the way up
31.Evil Activities Vs Chaosphere – State of emergency
32.Art of Fighters – Bitcrusher
33.Angels of Darkness – The Scorpion King
34.Endymion & DJ D – Wild
35.Psychorudes – XTC is up
36.Rotterdam Terror Corps – I will never surrender
37.Meagashira – The sound of the record
38.Ophidian & Hamunaptra – Whispers of a nameless fear
39.Ophidian – Mantaray
40.Knightvision & D’Spyre – Punishment beyond death
41.DJ Paul ft. MC Ruffian – Rage (DJ J.D.A. RMX)
42.The Viper – Be hurt
43.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Fear the sound
44.Outblast – Back online
45.Catscan – Be unforgettable
46.T-Junction – Checkmate
47.Evil Activities & The Viper – Project hardcore
48.Evil Activities – We’re gonna get you
49.The Masochist – Stomp
50.Meccano Twins – Sinapse (shadow mix)
51.Evil Activities & Neophyte – To you who doubt me
52.Tha Playah – Tha bounce
53.Scott Brown – Joints to rock
54.Outblast & Catscan – Stampgevaar
55.Nosferatu & Endymion – Stay focussed (Viper RMX)
56.The Nightraver – So (The Stunned Guys RMX)
57.Nosferatu & Ophidian – Psychiatric ass
58.Tha Playah – Clit.com
59.Base Alert – Jellyneck
60.Outblast – Hey motherfuckers (Angerfist RMX)
61.Meagashira – Lost in music
62.DJ Paul ft. Firestone & MC Ruffian – Ready for judgement day
63.The Alienator – The invaders
64.Dione – Rock the place
65.Dione – Pain ’till I die
66.The Stunned Guys – The drummer & the dancer
67.Placid K – G member
68.Dione – The storm
69.E-Noid – Liquid Super D
70.Dione – Supercrazy
71.The Stunned Guys & DJ Lancinhouse – The sickest audiocrime
72.DJ Paul – I had to kill a lot of people (Nosferatu RMX)
73.The Headbanger ft. Alee & MC Ruffian – At large
74.MIR vs The Outliner – Fuck the past
75.Meccano Twins – Under destruction
76.The Viper – Intellectual killer
77.Art Of Fighters – Earthquake
78.Dominion – Reign of fire
79.T-Factor – The hardest
80.Tommyknocker – Demolition
81.DJ Paul & Promo – Enemies 4 life (Promo mix)
82.Dr.Z-Vago – The bonebreaker
83.Dr.Z-Vago & Outblast – Seiko groupie
84.Shadowlands Terrorists – Still standing strong
85.Neophyte Vs The Viper – Got 2 b original
86.Art of Fighters Vs Nico & Tetta – I became hardcore
87.DJ Paul – Ik haat je (A message to the major asshole)
88.Project Omeaga – Prednison attack
89.Outblast Fuck what you’ve heard
90.T-Factor – Man of steel
91.Nosferatu & Endymion – Drunk with a gun
92.Weapon X – Whatz yo name !
93.Neophyte & MC Ruffian – Muil houwe
94.The Stunned Guys – Bim bum bam (2002 RMX)
95.The Stunned Guys Vs The Stunned Guys – Wonderbra
96.The Stunned Guys & DJ Lancinhouse – Shout
97.DJ Paul Vs Distortion – Why the fuck
98.The Stunned Guys – Slow me down
99.DJ Paul ft. Firestone & Ruffian – Pogo action
100. Jason S – Outro: Now it’s our turn

This mix was commercially released on Megarave Records MR045.