Floating around in XTC

01.Jason S – Intro
02.Masters of Ceremony – Hardcore will survive
03.DJ Isaac – Face down, ass up
04.DJ Isaac – Hardcore 2000
05.DJ Paul Vs DJ Panic – I hate you so much
06.DJ Dione – Nuclear device
07.Da Tekno Warriors – He is my DJ
08.The Masochist Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – Get retarded
09.DJ Isaac – No chemical sisters
10.The Masochist – MzKzM
11.The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul – Thrillseeka
12.Gatekeeper – Hard attack
13.Partyraiser & Distroyer – Kick da balistic
14.The Headbanger feat. Alee & Ruffian – Headbanger theme
15.Hard Creation – I will have that power
16.The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul – Floating around in XTC
17.Men of Steel – On a trip
18.Turbulence ‘n Terrorists Demolition Party – 6 million ways to die (Jason S RMX)
19.Gatekeeper – The machine
20.Buzz Fuzz Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – It’s allright (The Stunned Guys RMX)
21.DJ Paul, DJ Attic & Stylzz – Fuck you up
22.Neophyte – Number one fan
23.DJ Promo – Broaden our minds
24.Buzz Fuzz – King of the beats
25.Delta 9 & Richie Well – Gabber on da floor
26.Bodylotion – Freak
27.Buzz Fuzz – Jealousy (is a M.F.)(Neophyte RMX)
28.DJ Promo – King of pain
29.Maurizio Braccagni – Mosquito (DJ Promo RMX)
30.Chosen Few – Name of the DJ (DJ Dano RMX)
31.Jason S – Outro

This was the first mix to be released on the new Darkside.nl website as a downloadable MP3.