Voel je die bass?

01.Jason S – Intro:Hakken & zagen?!?
02.J.D.A. – Voel je die das
03.The Headbanger – No law
04.Brothers in Law – Happy motherfucker
05.Forze DJ Team – Sweat on my balls
06.Bass-X – Hardcore disco (album version)
07.Dione – Darkness & brightness
08.Bertocucci Feranzano – XTC love
09.Euromasters – Houw je bek
10.Chosen Few – Tranceparant
11.Bass-D & King Matthew – Like a dream
12.Ramirez – Terapia
13.Reyes – Rock with me
14.Tellurian – Hardcore motherfuckers
15.Human Recource – Fuck them
16.Horrorist – Flesh is the fever
17.Doctor Doom – Skull’s crackin’
18.Neophyte – None of ya left
19.Underground Nation of Rotterdam – Bitch
20.Dream Your Dream – Soushkin
21.Kuadra – La onda (la onda de Einstein mix)
22.DJ Rob & The Future – Let’s go
23.Holy Noise – The nightmare
24.Pride feat. DJ Maurizzio – Turn it up (dirty bitch mix)
25.Scarface – I’ll take you all to fucking hell
26.Highlander – Hold me now (Bass-D & King Matthew RMX)
27.Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys – Get this motherfucker
28.Ilsa Gold – Silke (Speedfreak RMX)
29.Ramirez – El gallinero (tambalea edit)
30.The Lawyer – Yo DJ!
31.Neophyte – Number one fan
32.Masters of Ceremony – Hardcore to the bone
33.Yves DeRuyter – Calling earth
34.Technohead – I wanna be a hippy
35.Neophyte – Recession
36.Armageddon – You’ll never be mine
37.Swat – The fly is dead
38.Eraserhead – Life is a mystery
39.3 Steps Ahead – Drop it
40.The Prophet – Allright now here we go
41.The Masochist – OD
42.Scott Brown Vs DJ Rabs – Now is the time
43.Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Berlin….kick’m!!!
44.Hocus Pocus – Here’s Johnny
45.DJ Promo – Broaden our minds
46.General Noise – Pump this groove
47.Pascal – His first creation
48.Thunderball – Bonzai channel one
49.Hardliners – Motherfuckin’ breakbeat
50.Chosen Few – Name of the DJ
51.Thunderball – It’s your DJ
52.The Stunned Guys – I am a gabber
53.Speedy J – Pull over
54.The Demoniac – You can dance
55.DJ Promo – Shut up!
56.The Speed Soul Brothers – Jan
57.Rob Gee & Ralphie Dee – Mellow message
58.Evil Maniax – Rotterdam bitch
59.Shadowlands Terrorists – The first partykick
60.D & F – Girl You Know It’s True
61.DJ Promo – Cheating bitch
62.Rob Gee & Repete & Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Riot in N.Y.
63.Rob Gee & Repete & Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Riot in N.Y.(RMX)
64.Rob Gee – Get the fuck up
65.Bodylotion – Make you dance (RMX)
66.Neophyte – A Rotterdam gabber
67.Nasty Django – Hardcore motherfucker
68.Rob Gee – Big daddy mac
69.Rave Parade – Fuck Charly & Theo
70.Dano – Fuckem all
71.The Stunned Guys – Beats time (Neophyte RMX)
72.Dano – Terror is timeless
73.Bioforce VS DJ Mike “Oh” Man – Kick some shit
74.Rob Gee – B.W.S.C.
75.Bodylotion – Mellow moenie mauwe
76.Rob Gee – Interview @ 200
77.Rob Gee – Gabber up your ass
78.Chosen Few – Dominatin’
79.Spastic Egg – Stick up
80.T.O.P.D.R.O.P. – Auchtung (Speedcity RMX)
81.Rob Gee – Hostility
82.Buzz Fuzz – Jealousy (is a M.F.)
83.Bald Terror – Drummachine (Neophyte RMX)
84.The Houseviking – Power resistance
85.Too Fast for Mellow – We gonna get this place (The Stunned Guys RMX)
86.DJ Delirium – I was born hardcore
87.Riot Squad – Nonshlen tustokken (ode to vortex)
88.Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys – Beat is coming
89.Outro: It is over!

My very first megamix! This one was released as a downloadable MP3 on several forums on hardcore related websites.