Holland is Hardcore 5

01.Jason S - Intro: Leren miksen les 5 02.Tomcat & Rudeboy feat. Angerfist - Alles kut enter 03.Tieum & Partyraiser - Eet dit 04.DJ Promo & Catscan - Kik of kak 05.Rotterdam Terror Corps feat. MC Raw - In de fik 06.Kasparov, Tha Playah & Zwaargewicht - Sloopkogel 07.D-Fence - Pompen met die impact 08.Kasparov,… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2018

01.Jason S - Intro: I thought you were the demolition expert 02.Radical Redemption, Angerfist & MC Nolz - Nocturnolz 03.Blaster - W.T.F. 04.System Shock - Sweet dreams 05.DJ Mad Dog & Tha Playah - Embrace the fire 06.AniMe - In the end 07.Re-Style & Broken Minds & MC Alee - Basshead 08.Angerfist feat. Tha Watcher… Continue reading

Thunderdome Die Hard Yearmix 2018

01.Jason S - Intro: Start seqence early hardcore 02.Dyewitness - Brrrr 03.DJ Sim - Simbiosis 04.The Dark Raver & DJ Vince - Intelligent hardcore 05.Dr. Macabre - Poltergeist 06.Ramirez - Terapia (DJ Ricci mix) 07.G-Town Madness - Silence 08.Forze DJ Team - '98 To piano 09.The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Thrillseeka 10.Taciturne -… Continue reading

The RTC Megamix

01.Intro: They're here forever! 02.We're gonna blow your mind 03.Bangin' your fist 04.God is a gabber 05.Are you prepared to die 06.Pandemonia (The Headbanger RMX) 07.We declare war 08.We're gonna blow your mind (DJ Isaac RMX) 09.Fear 10.Fear the sound 11.Chaos on the dancefloor (E-Noid RMX) 12.Motherfucker 13.Stop looking at me 14.What's wrong with my… Continue reading

Holland is Hardcore 4

01.Jason S – Intro: Leren miksen les 4 02.Crypsis & D-Fence - Vol gas met die bas 03.D-Fence - Dikke BMW! 04.D-Fence - Krakaka (2018 edit) 05.D-Fence & Nosferatu - Lazer op! 06.D-Fence - Ik hoef niet te tanken 07.D-Fence - Energie kwijt 08.Dr. Peacock & Repix - Pak een punt (RMX) 09.D-Fence & Angernoizer… Continue reading

Thunderdome Chapter 11 – 20 Megamix

01.Jason S - Intro: Let me take you into the intro 02.The Horrorist - Flesh is the fever 03.Hardcore Element Vs Bad News - Tell the DJ 04.Old School Terrorists - Acieeed 05.The Dark Raver & DJ Vince - Thunderground 06.Da Tekno Warriors - Da beat 07.Razzle Dazzle Trax - Rattlebrain (DJ Isaac's overdrive RMX)… Continue reading