The RTC Megamix

01.Intro: They’re here forever!
02.We’re gonna blow your mind
03.Bangin’ your fist
04.God is a gabber
05.Are you prepared to die
06.Pandemonia (The Headbanger RMX)
07.We declare war
08.We’re gonna blow your mind (DJ Isaac RMX)
10.Fear the sound
11.Chaos on the dancefloor (E-Noid RMX)
13.Stop looking at me
14.What’s wrong with my brain
15.The power of Rotterdam
16.The horror (Buzz Fuzz RMX)
17.Hardcore slam
18.Hardcore slam (Hardcorps RMX)
20.No happy shit (Dr.Z-Vago RMX)
21.I’m a gabber, baby
23.We are the gabbers
24.You’re dealing with
25.Terror never dies
26.Hardcore motherfuckers
27.Sound of madness
29.Dirty words
30.The battle has begun
32.I will never surrender
33.Jetzt geht’s los
34.Taking u on a trip
35.There’s only one terror (The Stunned Guys RMX)
36.Nobody harder (G-Town Madness RMX)
38.Preachers of doom
39.We would die for hardcore
40.Psyko game
41.The music is too much (hey hey)