Hardcore Yearmix 2010

001.Jason S - Intro: Hold on for a maximally entertaining thrill ride 002.DJ Promo - Nightfall 003.Tymon - Ambush 004.Meccano Twins - Gamma release 005.Stormtrooper & Tymon & Waldhaus - Deadly kicks 006.Life:::Runs:::Red - Only our enemies leave roses 007.Tymon - Pain tripper 008.Sequence & Ominous - Evolution 009.Mindustries - Throes of rejection (Endymion &… Continue reading

A storm is coming

01.Jason S - Intro: Smack in the middle of the storm 02.DJ Ruffneck & Miss Twilight - No turning back 03.Weapon X - Where my party people at 04.Triax & Mr. Sinister - System collapse 05.Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Requiem of the fallen 06.Korsakoff & The Viper - Re-bottled 07.Dione - Pain till i… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2009

001.Jason S - Intro: The Hardcore Yearmix: often imitated, never duplicated 002.Peaky Pounder - Anything else matters 003.Broken Rules - Minimize it 004.The Outside Agency - Sixth beings 005.Armageddon Project - Silent rest of the undefeated 006.Moleculez - Mimic 007.Negative A - Loops & drinks 008.Forsaken Is Dead & Unnatural Selection - The unconquerable man… Continue reading

DJSample7 Vs Jason S – The realm of darkness

01.Jason S - Intro: Black noise 02.Mute. - Victim by design 03.Stocker feat. Evolution - Black trash 04.Stan Grewzell - Mondmarsch 05.SPL - Elbow deep 06.SPL - Match hit 07.Stormtrooper - Rampage 08.KPX - New testament 09.Pillenkind - Schaaaappa laberflaaaash 10.Stan Grewzell - Get closer 11.Jane Ephex - Fuck the bitch 12.Armageddon Project - Silent… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2008

001.Jason S - Intro: Trying to hang on to this core 002.Peaky Pounder - Miekan 003.Rude Awakening - The forward escape hatch 004.Fiend & Broken Rules Vs Lenny Dee - Breakya head 005.N-Vitral - Boenck 006.Enzyme X - The rosy-lipped batfish 007.Rude Awakening - Vive la France 008.N-Vitral - Defliction 009.Meccano Twins Vs DJ Mad… Continue reading

Back 2 school

01.Jason S - Intro: Back 2 school 02.Digital Boy - Kokko (elettro mix) 03.RTFR - Extrasyn (techno mix) 04.Phortune - Can you feel the bass (unknown mix) 05.N-Joi - Malfunction 06.Jungle Brothers - I'll house you (house mix) 07.Incubus - The spiritl 08.Human Resource - Dominator (Frank de Wulf #2 mix) 09.Lemon8 - The bells… Continue reading

The landscape has changed (july 2008)

01.Jason S - Intro: Caught in something sinister 02.Rude Awakening - Riding dirty 03.Peaky Pounder - Positiivista 04.N-Vitral - Defliction 05.Peaky Pounder - Miekan 06.Life:::Runs:::Red & Tymon - Distorture 07.DJ Promo - Doing my thing 08.The Blaster - War is coming man 09.D-Passion - Cause and effect 10.Meccano Twins - Sinapse (Ophidian RMX) 11.Meccano Twins… Continue reading

DJ Fer-D Vs Jason S – Unleashed hell II

01.Jason S - Intro: The final battle 02.Frankie Bones - Pump the bass (original mix) 03.S-5 - The area is now completely safe (area 1) 04.I.Q. - Voodoo (tranceterdamned) 05.8 Mix - Spasmodic 06.Meng Syndicate - Sonar system (contact mix) 07.Zolex - More mystery (Roel's mix) 08.Knight Phantom - Worldwide terror 09.Defcon - Bad mother… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2006

DISC 1 1.Jason S - Intro: We're all going to hell 2.D-Passion - Twist your brain 3.SlaveFriese - On a Trip 4.Negative A - 5th Demension 5.Darkcontroler - Insurruction 6.Razor Edge - Unsolved mystery 7.Darkcontroler - Asstortion 8.Peaky Pounder - Hevonen 9.Rude Awakening - Wake up to a different world 10.Peaky Pounder - Hurmata 11.Rude… Continue reading