DJSample7 Vs Jason S – The realm of darkness

01.Jason S – Intro: Black noise
02.Mute. – Victim by design
03.Stocker feat. Evolution – Black trash
04.Stan Grewzell – Mondmarsch
05.SPL – Elbow deep
06.SPL – Match hit
07.Stormtrooper – Rampage
08.KPX – New testament
09.Pillenkind – Schaaaappa laberflaaaash
10.Stan Grewzell – Get closer
11.Jane Ephex – Fuck the bitch
12.Armageddon Project – Silent rest of the undefeated
13.Rude Awakening – Do you feel the awakening?
14.DJ Promo – Your love is gone
15.Ruffneck & Sei2ure – Armorgeddon
16.Ophidian – Pegasus
17.Nico e Tetta – Gangsta & gangsta
18.Endymion – Payback (Tommyknocker’s yes i am RMX)
19.Meccano Twins – Unnecessary sacrifice
20.Tommyknocker – Criminal
21.Tymon Vs Negative A – Extrasensory perception
22.Nexes – The sign
23.Negative A Vs Counterfeit – The gift
24.Angerfist – Take u back (DJ Damage RMX)
25.Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys – The soul collector
26.Nexes – My music
27.Tha Playah Vs Evil Activities – Imperial
28.Amnesys – Raw generation
29.Tommyknocker – Crunk
30.Nitrogenetics – Pledge of resistance
31.Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys – Get this motherfucker (Jason S RMX)
32.Nosferatu & Endymion – Pass the bottles
33.State of Emergency – Call it music


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