Hardcore Yearmix 2008

001.Jason S – Intro: Trying to hang on to this core
002.Peaky Pounder – Miekan
003.Rude Awakening – The forward escape hatch
004.Fiend & Broken Rules Vs Lenny Dee – Breakya head
005.N-Vitral – Boenck
006.Enzyme X – The rosy-lipped batfish
007.Rude Awakening – Vive la France
008.N-Vitral – Defliction
009.Meccano Twins Vs DJ Mad Dog – Superior
010.D-Passion – Self-made
011.Masters of Ceremony – Adapt or die
012.Nosferatu – Outshine any competition
013.The Headbanger – I’m in your head (Tha Playah RMX)
014.Amnesys – Worldwide crisis
015.Masters of Ceremony – Rocking with the best
016.D-Passion – Put things right (Endymion RMX)
017.The Outside Agency & Ruffneck – Waste of humanity
018.Ophidian – Pegasus
019.Evil Activities – Evilution
020.Meccano Twins – Alpha release
021.Meccano Twins – Sinapse (Ophidian RMX)
022.Phobos – Infected DNA
023.Unexist – The poem
024.The DJ Producer – The signal 2007 (D-Passion RMX)
025.Art of Fighters & Endymion – Let’s get it on
026.T-Junction – Invincible
027.DJ Delirium & Delusional – Addiction (T-Junction RMX)
028.DJ Outblast – Infinity
029.The Hitmen feat. MC Raw – Cradle of hardcore
030.Korsakoff – Working program
031.Nosferatu – Bustin the crowd
032.Nitrogenetics & DJ D feat. Hellsystem – Party down
033.DJ D – Imagine (when i found you)
034.Evil Activities – No place to hide
035.Korsakoff – Unrivalled
036.The Viper & G-Town Madness – Let it bump!
037.Tomcat & Rudeboy feat. Angerfist – TNT
038.Evil Activities Vs Tha Playah – Imperial
039.Meccano Twins – Dissolution
040.Enzyme X – Dissonant Poetry (second verse by Ophidian & Ruffneck)
041.E-Noid – Darkened
042.Mike NRG – Lost in dreams (Weapon X RMX)
043.Evil Activities Vs Tha Playah – Cold as me
044.Neophyte Vs Tha Playah – Still nr. 1
045.Neophyte Vs Tha Playah feat. MC Alee – The ultimate project
046.Ruffneck & Ophidian – The real
047.DJ Triax – Plain and raw
048.The Headbanger feat. MC Alee & MC Ruffian – Headbanger’s theme (Evil Activities RMX)
049.Tha Playah – Mastah of shock (Angerfist RMX)
050.Evil Activities Vs The Viper – Raw to the floor
051.The Headbanger feat. MC Alee – Strike (Kasparov RMX)
052.State of Emergency – Game time
053.Endymion & Evil Activities – Vengeance
054.The Headbanger – This is war (DJ D RMX)
055.Angerfist feat. Crucifier – Sensational gargle
056.N-Vitral – Bunck
057.SPL – Lost frequency
058.D-Passion – Realism (DJ Promo RMX)
059.N-Corruptor – Been long time comin’
060.DJ Promo – Different breed of men (Meccano Twins RMX)
061.D-Passion & DJ Mad Dog – Take the risk
062.Predator – Demon pit
063.Dione – It is upon us
064.Nico e Tetta – Intoxication
065.The Wishmaster – Get out of my way
066.Nitrogenetics – Pledge of resistance
067.DJ Paul Elstak – Offensive thrillah
068.DJ Mad Dog – Nasty
069.The Stunned Guys & Art of Fighters – Eternal
070.Angerfist – Riotstarter
071.Evil Activities & Nosferatu – From cradle to grave
072.Nosferatu & Endymion – Pass the bottles
073.Dione – Bang this
074.Angerfist feat. Crucifier – Broken chain (DJ Mad Dog RMX)
075.DJ Promo – Battling ignorance
076.Bertocucci Feranzano – XTC love (Promo goes BZRK RMX)
077.Endymion – Payback (Tommyknocker’s trashed RMX)
078.Art of Fighters & DJ Mad Dog – Party starter
079.Kasparov feat. MC Raw – We will dominate (Angerfist refix)
080.Evil Activities – Nobody said it was easy
081.Evil Activities & DJ Panic – Quiet dedication (Neophyte & Tha Playah RMX)
082.Art of Fighters – Artwork (Tha Playah RMX)
083.Amnesys – Catastrophes
084.Noize Suppressor feat. Mouth of Madness – Chronicles
085.Kasparov – Time
086.D-Passion – Unstoppable
087.Day-Mar – No prada
088.Unexist – Spank yer ass
089.Na-Goyah – Enemy
090.E-Noid – Nothing but DNA
091.Rotterdam Terror Corps & The Hitmen – Time to kill another one
092.Predator Vs Angerfist – Silent notes
093.Masters of Ceremony – Dirt
094.Neophyte Vs Tha Playah – Negative
095.Neophyte & The Stunned Guys – The soul collector
096.3 Steps Ahead – Drop It (Tommyknocker & The Stunned Guys RMX)
097.The Stunned Guys – Hymn (Neophyte RMX)
098.Denekamps Gespuis – Gas met die zooi (Tha Playah RMX)
099.DJ Partyraiser & Scrape Face – Focking niet normaal!
100.Negative A – Make it real hard
101.Enzyme X – Power surge
102.DJ Psycho – Motherfucking pussy
103.Hellfish – Pay me respect (original caged fury part 7 by Carnage)
104.DJ Promo & D-Passion – Last track of the night
105.Noisekick – Hij loopt rondjes
106.De Schiedamse Schutters Vs Krimpens Geweld – Pokkeherrie
107.Jason S – Outro: what time is it?

This mix was released as a downloadable MP3 on Darkside.nl.


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