The belly of the beast

01.Jason S – Intro: No balls
02.Amnesys – The purest #TiH
03.Armageddon Project – Flight of the phoenix
04.Art of Fighters Vs Nico & Tetta – Restart the party #TiH
05.Salem – King night (Rotterdam Terror Corps RMX)
06.Meccano Twins – Groundbreaker
07.Ruffryder – Dropping beats
08.Neophyte & The Viper – Peace
09.Hellsystem feat. MC B-Kicker – Shut up & listen
10.Endymion & Nosferatu – Uphold the future
11.DJ Mad Dog – Enter the timemachine (Amnesys re-enter mix)
12.D-Passion – $ellout
13.DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff – Agony #TiH
14.Ruffneck – What the hell
15.Re-Style feat. Mercenary – We go back
16.Tommyknocker feat. The Wishmaster – Supernatural
17.Dione & Ruffneck – Hellburner
18.Angerfist & Ooutblast feat. MC Tha Watcher – Catastrophe (official Dominator 2012 anthem)
19.AniMe – A-bomb
20.Angerfist & Miss K8 – Bloodrush
21.Tomcat – Fuck that
22.DJ Promo – Eradicate
23.Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied – Hardcore Italia (Undogged RMX)
24.The Wishmaster – Oldschool trip