01.Jason S – Intro: 1995 news bytes
02.Wasting Program – Bring that shit back
03.DJ Buzz Fuzz – Ill behaviour
04.Stingray & Sonicdriver – As cold as ice
05.Too Fast for Mellow – M.F. bass in your face
06.DJ Paul Elstak – Life is like a dance (Forze DJ Team RMX)
07.DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Pump that stupid bass (DJ friendly mix)
08.Dream your Dream – Mayday dream
09.El Bruto – Watch me dance
10.DJ Norman – Let me hear you scream
11.El Bruto – Hypnotizing
12.DJ Isaac & Pagan – 2 definitions
13.The Scotchman – Happy vibes
14.The Demoniac – The reason
15.Ectomorph – Heartbeat
16.Diss Reaction – Jiiieehaaaa
17.DJ Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies
18.Mr. Brown – Pump up the bass
19.Ferocious – Listen to me
20.Knightvision – Knight of visions
21.Phoenix – (now) Who’s in control ?!
22.DJ Sim – Loud as fuck (54321 mix)
23.Genaside – The underworld
24.Evil Maniax – Psychopath
25.Bertocucci Feranzano – E-Motion (DJ Buzz Fuzz mix)
26.Rave Parade – Kiss the fucking Charly & Theo goodbye (slow mix)
27.Lenny Dee & The Dark Raver – Toda rhythm
28.The Prophet & DJ Delirium – We love 2 party
29.Nasty Django – Hardcore muthafucka
30.Technohead – I wanna be a hippy (Speedfreak mix)

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