1996 in full effect

01.Jason S – Intro: 1996 news bytes
02.Neophyte Vs. The Stunned Guys – Get this motherfucker
03.Bass-D & King Matthew feat. XD – Like a dream (Bass-D & King Matthew RMX)
04.Masoko Solo – Pessa pessa (Buzzy goes bzrk mix)
05.Paul Elstak – The promised land (DJ Paul’s forze mix)
06.DJ Isaac – Bad dreams (RMX)
07.The Lawyer – Yo DJ (original mix)
08.Omar Santana – Noise dive
09.The Stunned Guys & Darrien Kelly – Our definition of the old style
10.Ectomorph – Totally computerized
11.Too Hostile – Going out to the hardcore
12.Myrmidon – Condemned (prisoner 2675)
13.Juggernaut – Don’t fuck with a ruffneck (anthem)
14.Lenny Dee – The dreamer
15.Juggernaut – Got 2b a ruffneck
16.Chosen Few – Chosen paradise
17.The Prophet & DJ Delirium – Da boomin’ bass
18.Bodylotion – Make you dance (RMX)
19.Bruyaa & Ozonic – Welcome to death row (happy mix)
20.Neophyte – Execute
21.3 Steps Ahead – Drop it (original mix)
22.DJ Isaac – Dirty bitch
23.Dark Destination – Don’t fuck with me
24.Tim B – Pleasure and pain
25.Twin Terror – No colours anymore
26.The Prophet – I like it loud (hardcore mix)
27.Lady Dana & DJ Skorp Vs Chronotrigger – Booming track
28.DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob – The way that we rocked it (live in NYC)
29.DJ Distortion & MC R.A.W. Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – Raveworld
30.Dr. Macabre – Poltergeist