Megarave 25 Years Megamix

01.Jason S feat. Mike Redman – Intro: Strap on your safety belt and crank up the damn volume
02.Rotterdam Terror Corps – The music is too much (hey, hey)
03.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Sick & twisted
04.Members of Megarave – Maniac
05.Rotterdam Terror Corps contra The Headbanger – Psycho game
06.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Unleash Hell
07.Dr. Z-Vago – Words of weapons
08.Rotterdam Terror Corps meets The Masochist – Torture
09.Chosen Few – Doomzday
10.DJ Distortion & DJ Paul Elstak – Jetzt geht’s los!
11.DJ Distortion & MC R.A.W. Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – Raveworld
12.Rotterdam Terror Corps contra The Headbanger – Taking u on a trip
13.Dione – Time to party
14.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Schizophrenic
15.DJ Delirium – Shut up and listen
16.Dione – Oh God!
17.Rotterdam Terror Corps – I will never surrender
18.DJ Distortion & DJ Paul Elstak – Dirty words & bonus blowjob
19.MarQuiz De Sade – Sadizm
20.Dr. Z-Vago – Communism is gone
21.DJ Distortion & DJ Paul Elstak – The battle has begun
22.Rotterdam Terror Corps – We’re gonna blow your mind
23.Dr. Z-Vago – Whaaazaaa
24.Dione – Come here and die
25.Dione – Highway to Hell
26.Dione – Pain & pleasure
27.Rotterdam Terror Corps – God is a gabber
28.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Are you prepared to die
29.The Headbanger – Are u afraid of the dark
30.Rotterdam Terror Corps contra The Headbanger – Bangin’ your fist
31.Dr. Z-Vago – A cry for help
32.The Alienator – Prey (The Headbanger RMX)
33.Rotterdam Terror Corps & The Headbanger – Pandemonia (final mix)
34.Rotterdam Terror Corps – There’s only one terror
35.MarQuiz De Sade – The Brother Marquiz
36.DJ Youri Vs New Breed – Is ya with me? (party mix)
37.Dione – Confusing M.F.’s
38.Dione – Erased from existence
39.The Headbanger – Serious damage
40.Dione – We are still here
41.Dione – Pain till i die
42.Rotterdam Terror Corps – The horror
43.Dione – Rock the place
44.Dione – Deluge
45.DJ Distortion Vs DJ Paul Elstak – Fear
46.Dione Vs Dr. Z-Vago – Rateling eardrumz
47.The Alienator – Causin’ panic
48.The Alienator Vs The Headbanger feat. MC Alee & MC Ruffian – Strike
49.The Headbanger – Violator
50.The Headbanger feat. MC Alee & MC Ruffian – At large
51.DJ Paul Elstak & DJ Distortion – Motherfuckers
52.DJ Paul Elstak & DJ Distortion – Stop looking at me
53.Dr. Z-Vago Vs DJ Outblast – Seiko groupie
54.Negative A – Koksoccer fuck you
55.Dr. Z-Vago – The bone breaker
56.DJ Distortion & DJ Paul Elstak – Game’s over
57.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Hardcore slam
58.Dr. Z-Vago – World of chaos
59.DJ Paul Elstak & DJ Distortion – This ain’t no game (this is war!)
60.Kasparov feat. MC Raw – We will dominate (Angerfist RFX)
61.Kasparov – Intrusion
62.Kasparov – Soundbending bitch
63.Dione feat. MC Raw – Members of Megarave
64.Dione & Ruffneck – Hellburner
65.Dr. Z-Vago – Gangsta gangsta
66.Dr. Z-Vago – Dancing on your grave
67.Dr. Z-Vago – I control your mind
68.Dr. Z-Vago – Blow my horn (Re-Style RMX)
69.DJ Distortion & DJ Paul Elstak – Why the fuck
70.Rotterdam Terror Corps – R.M.F.T.
71.Dione & MC Jeff – This is Megarave
72.Destructive Tendencies – This is your moment
73.Destructie, Hoofdklapper & MC Rauwkost – Gabberen
74.Hardheads – I’m a gabber baby
75.Dr. Z-Vago – The bat device
76.Rotterdam Terror Corps – You’re dealing with
77.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Megarave
78.DJ Partyraiser – Time to raise the party
79.DJ Partyraiser & Scrape Face – Harder dan de rest
80.Hardhead – Tu tu tu (gabbermix)
81.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Nobody harder
82.Madnezz & System Overload feat. MC Jeff – The Megarave anthem