Jason S Vs DJ Sample 7 – The madness never ends

01.Jason S Vs DJ Sample 7 – Intro: I’m here about a noise complaint
02.DJ Paul Elstak Vs Headbanger – Your mother sucks cocks in hell (Jason S bootleg RMX)
03.Sub Sonik – Go fuck yourself (Tha Playah RMX)
04.AniMe feat. MC Nolz – Superior hardcore (official Exodus 2017 anthem)
05.Tommyknocker – Fucked up music
06.DJ Mad Dog – XTC
07.Destructive Tendencies & D-Sturb – Full tank
08.Furyan & Digital Punk – Get retarded
09.Angerfist – Boomstick
10.Tymon – Nose job
11.Jane Dark – War creator
12.The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – The violence
13.Sei2ure – Suck my dick
14.Angerfist – The law
15.DJ Promo – We celebrate the kick (just 4 kickz mix)
16.Angerfist – Brainfail
17.Angerfist – Buckle up & kill (Luxxer RMX)
18.Crossfiyah – Mass destruction
19.Miss K8 – St8ment
20.Re-Style feat. MC Alee & MC Diesel – Ultimate hardcore feeling (official Harmony of Hardcore 2017 anthem)
21.E-Force & Deadly Guns – Shocked
22.Kasparov, System Shock & Revolter feat. Zwaargewicht – Poeder in je neusgat
23.Angerfist – The promqueen’s finest drug
24.Tieum feat. Lenny Dee – WTF
25.Sei2ure – You’re finished
26.Nosferatu & N-Vitral – Manifesto
27.Catscan & Reprobate – Breaking bones
28.Outblast – Fuck what u heard (Negative A RMX)
29.Angerfist – The Driller Killer (The Braindrillerz RMX)
30.Digital Punk – F.#.C.K.Y.O.U.
31.Neophyte & Furyan feat. Tim Beumers – Wie de fok?
32.N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD – Blow ‘m up
33.N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD – Don’t fuck with the squad
34.DJ Paul Elstak & Neophyte feat. MC Alee – Icon (Restrained RMX)
35.Penta – Bassdrop
36.Partyraiser & Repix – Ode to the Godfather
37.Estasia – Own it
38.SRB – More Dutchcore