Hardcore Yearmix 2013

001.Jason S feat. MC Syco – Intro: You know what happens when you mix
002.Art of Fighters – Fuck you!
003.Endymion & The Viper feat. FERAL is KINKY – Raging in the dancehall
004.Day-mar – Embrace the night (Outblast RMX)
005.Nosferatu – Dr. Shitkickaz
006.Meccano Twins & Art of Fighters – Electrogod
007.Frontliner – Weekend warriors (official Defqon.1 2013 anthem) (Endymion RMX)
008.Endymion & Frequencerz feat. DV8 Rocks! – Caught in the fire
009.Neophyte & Furyan – Precious pain
010.Angerfist – From the blackness
011.Meccano Twins – Hell’s voices
012.Sei2ure – Satisfy
013.The Outside Agency & Broken Rules – World breaker
014.Lowroller – Partycles
015.Lunatic & Miss Hysteria – Lead dropping
016.Art of Fighters & DJ Mad Dog – Badass
017.Dyprax – Exorcism
018.Neophyte feat. MC Jeff – The Remedy #TiH
019.T-Junction – The 4th kind
020.AniMe – Cracks
021.Amnesys – Death line
022.Endymion feat. Eva Blom – Save me
023.Evil Activities & DV8 Rocks! – Guess what? #TiH
024.Endymion – Close your eyes
025.Alien T – Hydra
026.Endymion – Make some noise (Furyan RMX)
027.Dyprax – The future
028.Panic & Furyan feat. MC Alee – Doing it all #TiH
029.Re-Style & Catscan – Reclaim
030.Advanced Dealer – Freedom
031.DJ Mad Dog & Art of Fighters – Apocalypse
032.Ophidian – Spoken
033.Lowroller Vs N3AR – Aliens
034.DJ Promo – Life from the other side (Ophidian RMX)
035.Nosferatu with Lunatic & Miss Hysteria – Technology exceeds
036.Hellsystem feat. MC B-Kicker – Intervention
037.Knightvision – Who is it? (Nosferatu RMX)
038.Ophidian & Tha Playah – Illusions
039.Meccano Twins – Strike
040.Nitrogenetics – Focus
041.DJ Paul Elstak feat. MC Ruffian – Without sin
042.Wasted Mind – Alliance (official Nirvana of Noise 2013 anthem)
043.DaY-mar – Feel terror cloud your senses (Wasted Mind RMX)
044.Rotterdam Terror Corps & Dione – Man made massacre
045.The Partysquad – Oh my (DJ Paul Elstak’s Hardcore RMX)
046.Re-Style & Catscan – Commander
047.DJ Paul Elstak – Still love u more (The Viper RMX)
048.Endymion & Ophidian – Destination underground (Hardshock Festival 2013 anthem)
049.Miss K8 – Breathless
050.Noize Suppressor – Like my status
051.AniMe feat. Tha Suspect – Hands up
052.DJ Mad Dog – Psychotic
053.Re-Style – Renovation (Angerfist RMX)
054.DJ Mad Dog & AniMe – Bassdrum music
055.Kasparov – The 5th gathering (Vendetta anthem 2013)
056.Miss K8 & Angerfist – New world order
057.Rayden – Now u’re fucked
058.Nitrogenetics feat. Nick Drone – My music (never sleeps)
059.Amnesys feat. MC Axys – We stand united (United Hardcore Forces 2013 official anthem)
060.Tha Playah & E-Life – Lead the way (Harmony of Hardcore 2013 anthem)
061.Re-Style – Mastermind
062.Triax & Predator – Forgery
063.Lunatic & Miss Hysteria – The grand design
064.Unexist Vs Meccano Twins – R.A.W.
065.AK-Industry & Billy S. – Monster (Ophidian RMX)
066.Hellsystem & Lowroller – Introspection
067.Noizeskill – Panic exhale
068.Negative A & Lowroller – The fallen
069.C-Netik – Checkmate
070.The Hard Way – Devil worshipping motherfuckers
071.Lunatic & Miss Hysteria – Creatures
072.Ophidian & Ruffneck – Life of meaning
073.Art of Fighters & Noize Suppressor – Breath fire
074.State of Emergency & Dyprax – Arise (official MOH Austria anthem)
075.T-Junction feat. MC Nolz – Trigger my element (official Bassleader 2013 hardcore anthem)
076.Nevaro – Sickness
077.Nosferatu & Tha Playah – Fade to nothing
078.Re-Style feat. MC Alee – Victims of the project (official Project Hardcore 2013 anthem)
079.Tha Playah feat. MC Alee – Menace to mankind (official Syndicate 2013 anthem)
080.Dyprax feat. MC Syco – Culture of chaos (official #PH12 anthem)
081.X-clusive & Trypsin – BOOOM!
082.Angerfist – Street fighter
083.Tha Playah & Angerfist feat. MC Jeff – Just like me
084.Dione – Armageddon
085.Dione – Tearing up the underground (Lunatic & Miss Hysteria RMX)
086.Rotterdam Terror Corps Vs Dione – Destiny
087.Neophyte & Nosferatu – Rubberduck
088.DJ Paul Elstak – There’s something inside
089.Ruffneck & Predator – Vengeance
090.Negative A – The rawkus
091.Unexist feat. Satronica – Burn it all down
092.Counterfeit – Molded patterns
093.Negative A – Take shots at criticism
094.The Unfamous – Body broken
095.Neophyte & Tha Playah feat. MC Alee – Timebomb
096.DaY-mar – Sunburn
097.Darkcontroller Vs s’Aphira – 6 demons
098.Partyraiser & F. Noize – La bomba
099.Rotterdam Terror Corps & DJ Paul Elstak – Skull dominion (Destructive Tendencies RMX)
100.Neophyte, Tieum & Rob Gee – Coming at you strong
101.SRB – Rocket Muppet
102.Neophyte & Unexist – Get this or die
103.DJ Plague – Terrorists never miss (SRB RMX)
104.Jason S – Outro: Click!


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