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001.Jason S – Intro: You’re supposed to say three…
002.Crypsis and Nolz – Out of the dark (official Supremacy 2019 anthem)
003.Sequence & Ominous – This is new millennium
004.DJ Mad Dog – The missing channel
005.Dither & Warface – Get it twisted
006.Unexist feat. Da Mouth Of Madness – Fuzz & fight
007.Angerfist – Critter
008.Angerfist – Send me to Hell (The Satan RMX)
009.Angerfist & Stereotype – Primal instinct
010.Radical Redemption & D-Sturb – Ride on our enemies (Tha Playah RMX)
011.Broken Minds & AniMe – Absolute power
012.Kid Morbid – Regrets (Obsession RMX)
013.Angerfist & Miss K8 – Get it lit
014.Nosferatu – Sanctity of space: Cassini’s journey
015.DJ Re-Style & Korsakoff – Leap of faith
016.AniMe – Aftermath
017.Tha Playah & MC Nolz – Sick and twisted
018.DJ Re-Style feat. Tha Watcher – Savage & wild (official Masters of Hardcore Russia 2019 anthem)
019.Angerfist – Still a full gentle racket (Angerfist 2019 RFX)
020.Dr. Peacock & Death By Design – Eat this (Broken Minds RMX)
021.AniMe – Detonate 2019
022.Angerfist – Street fighter (Audiofreq RMX)
023.Dither – To the death (official Thunderdome 2019 anthem)
024.Angerfist & Miss K8 – Impact
025.Ophidian – Bring on the orchestra (Harmony of Hardcore anthem 2019)
026.Angerfist & MC Nolz – Rally of retribution (official Dominator 2019 anthem)
027.Angerfist – Diabolic dice (official anthem)
028.AniMe – Hardshock (Official Hardshock 2019 anthem)
029.Angerfist – Burn this MF down (Treachery RMX)
030.Miss K8 & MC Nolz – Elevate
031.Tha Playah & Destructive Tendencies – Run MF
032.Neophyte & Scott Brown – This one is for you (Restrained RMX)
033.Tha Playah – The illest
034.Tha Playah & Never Surrender feat. Tha Watcher – The craving (official Masters of Hardcore Austria 2019 anthem)
035.Broken Minds feat. Ernesto Alonso – Waltz of death (official Masters of Hardcore Spain 2019 anthem)
036.Odium – Fight
037.Neophyte & Tha Playah – Snitcher! (Ncrypta RMX)
038.Tha Playah & Angerfist – The heartless
039.Miss K8 – The poison (N-Vitral RMX)
040.Tha Playah – Vigilance
041.DJ Mad Dog & AniMe – Come get some
042.Deadly Guns & Delete – In control
043.Neophyte & Tha Playah – Still nr. 1 (Nosferatu RMX)
044.N-Vitral feat. Sovereign King – Vault of violence (official Masters of Hardcore 2019 anthem)
045.Blaster & Krowdexx – Brainless
046.D-Fence feat. Mr. Hyde – Sonic storm (official Syndicate 2019 anthem)
047.Dither & Deadly Guns – Playing with fire
048.Never Surrender & D-Fence – Beuk alles in elkaar
049.Angerfist & N-Vitral – Bare knuckle fist
050.Mind Compressor & Jagger – Rage
051.Hard Effectz – P#zzy talk
052.Furyan – Kokeen
053.Broken Minds & The Satan – Drop that shit
054.NSD – Hai la noi (eDUB RMX)
055.Deadly Guns & Malice – Fuel & fire
056.Irradiate – Killing me
057.Estasia feat. Starrlight – No brakes
058.Angerfist – Right through your head (Detest RMX)
059.Darkcontroller – Apocalyptic darkness (MBK RMX)
060.Footworxx Militant Crew – Drop le beat
061.Blaster & eDUB – Die
062.Anhatema – Pray for death
063.MBK & The Straikerz – Nobody likes us
064.Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & D-Fence – Virgin
065.DJ Mad Dog – Reset
066.Nefarious & MC Alee – Villainous
067.D-Fence – Dissed
068.D-Fence & Mr. Hyde – Raggen
069.Treachery feat. Cik – Come get some
070.Rotterdam Terror Corps – Time to kill another one (Estasia RMX)
071.Miss K8 – Up in smoke
072.Act of Rage & Never Surrender – Kicks van staal
073.The Prophet – Wanna play?
074.JKLL & Radium – Come again
075.Partyraiser Vs Dr. Peacock – Operation: CORE (official anthem)
076.Sandy Warez & The Freaky Bastard – Shocking style
077.Insane S – Smeared brain
078.D-Fence & Angernoizer – UFO piloot
079.La Casa De Hardcore – Your casa
080.Deadly Guns & F. Noize – Unbelievers
081.Mind Compressor & FrenchFaces – Swaggaton
082.Major Conspiracy X B-Cage – Feel this inside
083.Scarphase – Phase one (Nosferatu RMX)
084.The Satan – Jump
085.MBK & Crime Scene – Bounce on a track
086.System Overload, Insane S feat. Rob Gee – Old & new school
087.Footworxx Militant Crew – Dollar bill
088.Barber – The streets
089.Scarphase Vs N-Vitral presents Bombsquad – Crack smokers
090.Cryogenic – On leash (MBK RMX)
091.Cryogenic – Push it to the limit
092.N-Vitral & Cryogenic – The best
093.Trespassed & MBK – Basement
094.Footworxx Militant Crew – Animal game
095.Hard Effectz & Partyraiser – Sexual chocolate
096.F.Noize, Spitnoise & Tha Watcher – Double headed snake (official Snakepit 2019 anthem)
097.Major Conspiracy – MF b#tchez
098.Estasia & Furyan – Killer instinct
099.SRB – Pedal to the floor
100.Sandy Warez & Lunakorpz – Neck less
101.Scarphase – Scarphase bass (Cryogenic RMX)
102.Cryogenic – Basskick paradise
103.The Vizitor & MBK – Song from Hell
104.Insane S & Sandy Warez – Got it off cokaine
105.DRS Vs MBK Vs R3t3p feat. Mr Ravage – H8
106.SRB – Big ass booster
107.SRB – Drop that shit

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