Thunderdome Chapter 1 – 10 Megamix

01.J ason S - Intro: The Angel of Thunder is back! 02. Human Resource - Fuck them 03. Ramirez - Terapia (DJ Ricci mix) 04. Control DC - Ritmo dell' Diavolo (inferno mute mix) 05. Kuadra - La onda (la onda de Einstein mix) 06. DJ Hooligan - B.O.T.T.R.O.P. 07. T.N.T. - Brainwashkiller 08. Final… Continue reading

Holland is Hardcore 3

01.Jason S - Intro: Leren miksen les 3 02.Je Broer - Me gabber (DJ Paul Elstak & The BeatKrusher RMX) 03.Outblast & Catscan - Stampgevaar 04.Jebroer feat. Stepherd, Skinto & Jayh - Banaan (Re-Style RMX) 05.D-Fence - Koekoek Jonghuh! 06.DJ JDA - Voel je die bass (N-Vitral quick edit) 07.D-Fence - BIEM! 08.D-Fence - Krakaka… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2017

001.Jason S feat. MC Knook - Intro: The studio is on fire 002.Korsakoff - Tempest 003.DJ Paul Elstak - Helium 004.Ignite - Fuckers 005.Restrained - How i roll 006.Tha Playah & E-Force - Distorted noises 007.Sub Sonik - Go fuck yourself (Tha Playah RMX) 008.Catscan - LA 009.NeoX - Headshot 010.Meltdown feat. Tha Watcher -… Continue reading

The cold winds are rising

01.Jason S - Intro: They will bend the knee or i will destroy them 02.Sub Sonik - Go fuck yourself (Tha Playah RMX) 03.Tommyknocker - Fucked up music 04.Evil Activities & DJ Mad Dog - 911 05.AniMe - Call my name 06.Miss K8 & MC Nolz - Raiders of rampage (official Masters of Hardcore 2016… Continue reading

Holland is Hardcore – Pre-millenium editie

01.Jason S - Intro: Leren miksen les 1 02.Euromasters - Amsterdam, waar lech dat dan??? (Maastunnel mix) 03.Hardhead - Tu tu tu (darkmix) 04.General Noise - Rotterdam subway 05.Gmoork - Het vliegende kunstgebit 06.DJ J.D.A. - Voel je die bass 07.Euromasters - Alles naar de kl--te (Rotterdam mix) 08.Zultan - De Dondergod 09.Euromasters - Noiken… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2016

001.Jason S feat. MC Bryan C - Intro: I just...cut things out 002.Miss K8 - Icebreaker 003.Alien T - I hate children 004.The Stunned Guys - SHE (Tha Playah feat. MC Jeff RMX) 005.Project Omeaga - Prednison attack (N-Vitral RMX) 006.Dyprax - The future (Tha Playah RMX) 007.Restrained - Gangsters 008.Synthax - Stay true 009.Thorax… Continue reading

Traxtorm 20 years 100 best tracks megamix

01.Jason S - Intro: I've been waiting twenty years for this 02.Impulse Factory - Old school man 03.Tommyknocker & MC Lob - The realm 04.The Stunned Guys - Deep impact 05.Art of Fighters - Hardcore makes the world move 06.Amnesys - The purest #TiH 07.Meccano Twins & Art of Fighters - Electrogod 08.Alien T -… Continue reading

Holland is Hardcore

01.Jason S - Intro: Leren miksen les 1 02.Neophyte & Zany feat. MC Alee & Diesel - Gas erop! 03.Yellow Claw - Nooit meer slapen (Neophyte feat. MC Alee RMX) 04.DJ Promo & Catscan - Toch welleuk 05.Yellow Claw & The Opposites - Thunder (Evil Activities & E-Life RMX) 06.DJ J.D.A - Voel je die… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2015

001.Jason S - Intro: Where are we, when are we? 002.Alien T - The hammer of the Devil 003.The Wishmaster - Never say never 004.Advanced Dealer - NSTFR 005.Alien T - Existence verified #TiH 006.Tha Playah, Neophyte & The Viper - Rebel dizz #TiH 007.Art of Fighters - Words of war 008.Furyan - Bombshell 009.Pandorum… Continue reading