Hardcore Yearmix 2003 (the original cut)

001.Jason S - Intro: Loading the Yearmix 2003 002.Tha Playah - Tha mastah of shock 003.The DJ Producer - Journey of force (vocal mix) 004.Peaky Pounder - Fasttalking 005.Void Settler - Proceed manually 006.Ophidian - Nurse 007.B-747 - I wanna have fun 008.Slavefriese - Dorm of the future 009.DJ Kristof Vs Bad Boy - U.F.B.… Continue reading

1995 in full effect

01.Jason S - Intro: 1995 news bytes 02.Wasting Program - Bring that shit back 03.DJ Buzz Fuzz - Ill behaviour 04.Stingray & Sonicdriver - As cold as ice 05.Too Fast for Mellow - M.F. bass in your face 06.DJ Paul Elstak - Life is like a dance (Forze DJ Team RMX) 07.DJ Weirdo & DJ… Continue reading

Bonzai The Classics Megamix

01.Jason S - Intro: It's time to go back 02.Mental Planet - Anhinilating rhythm (DJ Fly mix) 03.DJ Bountyhunter - Bountyhunter 04.Cherry Moon Trax - Conflictation 05.Yves Deruyter - Calling Earth 06.DJ Looney Tune - Beatbox (tick mix) 07.DJ Bountyhunter - Urban feelings 08.Aqua Contact - La sirena 09.Repulsive 2 - Recactussed 10.Yves Deruyter -… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2000 (the re-edited cut)

01.Jason S - Intro: That's the very first, righ? 02.Buzz Fuzz Vs Bass-D & King Matthew – It’s allright (The Masochist RMX) 03.DJ Promo – King of pain 04.DJ Bike – Pass me 05.DJ Self – Back with the hardcore (DJ Isaac RMX) 06.Da Tekno Warriors – The beat kicks 07.French Connection Vs DJ Distortion… Continue reading

Let’s go back to 1994!

This one is for the early ravers! Jason S takes u back to the year 1994 with this megamix containing some obvious and some not so obvious early hardcore tracks from 1994! 1994 In full effect Continue reading

1994 In full effect

01.Jason S - Intro: 1994 news bytes 02.Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo - Deal wit' beats 03.Dyewitness - Brrrr 04.Bass Reaction - Technophobia 05.Bass X - Hardcore disco part II 06.Human Resource - Fuck them (Thunderdome mix) 07.The Scotchman - Asylum 08.Kinetic Pleasure - Get the feeling (DJ pleasure mix) 09.Davie Forbes - Techno renegade… Continue reading

Holland is Hardcore 5

01.Jason S - Intro: Leren miksen les 5 02.Tomcat & Rudeboy feat. Angerfist - Alles kut enter 03.Tieum & Partyraiser - Eet dit 04.DJ Promo & Catscan - Kik of kak 05.Rotterdam Terror Corps feat. MC Raw - In de fik 06.Kasparov, Tha Playah & Zwaargewicht - Sloopkogel 07.D-Fence - Pompen met die impact 08.Kasparov,… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2018

01.Jason S - Intro: I thought you were the demolition expert 02.Radical Redemption, Angerfist & MC Nolz - Nocturnolz 03.Blaster - W.T.F. 04.System Shock - Sweet dreams 05.DJ Mad Dog & Tha Playah - Embrace the fire 06.AniMe - In the end 07.Re-Style & Broken Minds & MC Alee - Basshead 08.Angerfist feat. Tha Watcher… Continue reading

Thunderdome Yearmix now available!

The Thunderdome Die Hard Yearmix 2018 is now also on my Mixcloud. Download links can be found here. The regular Hardcore Yearmix will follow in january 2019. Have a great new year's eve everyone! And stay safe. Continue reading